Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Time To Change" Day 28/30

"Time To Change" watercolor with gold leaf background 8" x 10"
Another view of "Time To Change"
This leaf was so much fun to paint.  I love all the colors.  The song "Time To Change" kept running through my head.  Remember that episode of the Brady Bunch?  The Brady crew had formed a singing crew Peter's voice was changing, what was the group to do?  They sang "Time To Change" and Peter's adolescent cracking voice could shine through:)



  1. Love how you've captured the way sunlight filters through these gorgeous leaves, Carrie!

  2. Super Carrie! I like to think change doesn't have to be a bad thing (although we often fight against it), it often brings renewal.

  3. This is quite beautiful - the gold leaf background is stunning!