Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Sun Kissed" Day 11/30

Hi Everyone,
"Sun Kissed" 6" x 8" orignal watercolor by Carrie Waller
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Here is my latest painting "Sun Kissed".  I just fell in love with the zinnias in my last painting so I couldn't resist painting a zoomed in version.  Do you think this would translate well into a larger painting?



  1. I think it would translate bigger .. go for it!

  2. I think you can do anything Carrie! It is beautiful and yes, I think big would work very well :0)

  3. Totally agree with Sandra. How beautiful this is, Carrie. It looks like a photograph!

  4. It's awesome, Carrie, and anyway or any size you paint it, it will be super.

  5. Carrie, I was actually surprised to see that this was as small as it is. I thought it must be huge! So, yes, I agree--try it BIG! May I ask if you have a favorite brand of watercolor? I'm trying several, having been a W&N fan for years. Just bought some Sennelier and it's such a different feeling!

  6. Definitely try it big -- it has such a strong presence! I think you totally captured the sun-strike feeling of the reference, Is the warmer red Cadmium?