Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Day Lily

Orange Day Lily on Patterned Plate watercolor on paper 11 x 14 BUY NOW
 Once again our yard is in full bloom with day lilies.  I am forever appreciative of the former residents that planted just about every color and variety of day lily.  They are beautiful and I look forward to this time of year.  I'm sharing my day lily painting with you.  I plan on doing another one as soon as I'm finished with my commissioned painting that I'm working on.
photo of day lilies from our yard
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  As a military wife I am certainly thankful for all of our men and women serving our country past and present.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Architectural Details

watercolor on paper each square is 12 x 12
 This week I'm working on a commission piece, so I thought I would share some of my older paintings.  I did a series of Architectural detail paintings from our travels in Europe.  Every where we went I was on the hunt for round details.  The top left is from a church in Cambridge, England, the top right I thought was from a museum in Prague, but when I was looking through pics the other day I noticed that this detail was on the ceiling of the Musee D' Orsay, in Paris.  The bottom left is from the Palace in Versailles, France and the bottom right is a manhole cover in Paris.  I painted them all in a monochromatic scheme with Schminke's sepia, one of my favorite colors

Here they are framed. I had them framed at my Mom's frame shop.  She does a gorgeous job, check out her blog here.  I have these hanging in our Master bedroom above the bed.  I'd show you the whole room but I didn't have time to make my bed this morning:)  Don't judge me, I have little kids and a busy life, and I don't always get my bed made. oh well:)  Anyway they are still favorites of mine.  I still keep my eye out for round architectural details when I'm out and about.  I recently found a great one in downtown Montgomery so I will be painting that in the not to distant future.

Steven painted a nice group of paintings this week.  They are lovely abstracts.  Wish I could paint abstracts like him.

See you all next week,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

James Toogood

This past week I got the opportunity to attend James Toogood's workshop in New Orleans.  I always find it fascinating to see how master artists paint, their methods, and procedures.  Mr. Toogood was fascinating to watch.  He is extremely detailed, precise and knowledgeable about the medium of watercolor.  He begins the process with a perfectly accurate drawing.  He plays with the composition adding things in to a photo reference, taking things out and sometimes making things up. He is after the perfect composition.  He also has a little whimsy and fun adding in funny text on signs.  He also likes to play and make little abstract paintings where he can within his perfectly precise image (in reflections of the water or in chrome or metal).  His passion for paints shines through.  He talked in depth about the actual make up of the paints.  Read the labels you will be surprised, it will help you to understand what color you are actually using.

I took away a lot of great info and was fascinated with his process.  A few things that I will be incorporating is more underpainting.  He also would put a light on top of a dark, which for watercolor is a little different.  I have to say I was a little taken a back when I saw him do this.  He is not afraid to use a full body paint and really apply heavy paint.  I will also be utilizing my ruling pen, which I haven't used since my Graphic Design days in college.  Another good tip I picked up is to print out your reference in different versions, a lighter, medium and darker photo.  Helps you to see what's in the shadow and let you make better decisions in what effect you want to achieve.  His workshop was also a nice refresher in perspective, particularly thinking about atmospheric perspective.

I didn't get very much painting done during the workshop but I'm anxious to put these tips to use.  I have a commission piece to work on first, but will soon get to my workshop painting. 

Mr. Toogood didn't complete a painting in class he showed us different techniques as his demos, so I found this on-line.  Here is the link to the article.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Happy Creating,


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Love

watercolor on paper 8 x10

Happy Mother's Day everyone:)  There is nothing like a mother's love, so last week when I saw that the DPW challenge was to paint a self portrait, I jumped at the chance.  The picture that jumped into my mind is a photo my husband took of myself and my oldest son, when he was about 2.  Brian captured the perfect picture in my opinion and I knew I would paint it some day.  Yes, this is a watercolor.  I love to paint portraits in black and white because I happen to enjoy black and white portraits.  Most photos and portraits I have in my home are in black and white and this one will join the others.  I'm titling this one "A Mother's Love".  I just love my son's face, he is just so beautiful, sorry handsome (he gets mad when I call him beautiful).  His face is just so full of hope and wonder and love.  I could look at his little face all day.  And I think every mother wants the world for their children and I feel that this emotion comes through in this piece.

See you next week and Happy Mother's Day:)


Check out the DPW challenge here:)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day, Teachers gifts and Weddings, Oh My!!!!

Hi Everyone,
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