Friday, September 27, 2013

"Gold Leaf" and demo of the process

"Gold Leaf" watercolor with gold leaf background 9" x 10" by Carrie Waller
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"Gold Leaf" 9" x 10" another view so you can see how the background changes with it's background
Day 26/30
Hi Everyone,

This is the 3rd gold leaf project that I have done in as many days and the other 2 art works have sold so I decided I will do a few more.  I have to say I'm in love with these leaves and would love to have them all over my house for Fall decor, or any time of the year.  They are elegant, they look good on the wall or the shelf.

I found this leaf today on my walk and I just love all the colors.  We could learn a lot from leaves, the more color they come in the better and the more imperfections the more interesting they are.  They are a metaphor for how we should view the world, embrace all of the colors and imperfections:)

I also had a lot of questions about my process so I'm sharing with you my process.

First I painted the leaf on watercolor paper

I painted the background around the leaf a rusty orange color so that if there are any spaces in the gold leaf they won't be white.
I then apply gold sizing around the leaf.  Wherever you paint the sizing on is where the gold leaf will adhere.  After putting a thin layer of sizing on you have to wait a minimum of an hour for it to set.
I then applied the gold leaf sheets.  These are very delicate and easily rip.  You want dry, clean hands while apply the sheets.
Using a soft brush I rub the gold leaf onto the sizing in a circular motion.  The gold leaf will not stick to any area that doesn't have sizing.
Continue this process all around the leaf making sure you overlap a little onto the gold areas for full coverage.
Voila the finished product:)


  1. Just looks glorious and I love the way the light hits that gold leaf.

  2. I am so glad you shared! In was going to ask you how you did it. This is stunning! What a great idea! :0)

  3. Very cool -- and congrats on the sales!

  4. I love the richness and depth this gives to your leaf. Thanks for sharing! Do you need to spray a finish onto this piece?

  5. I've been enjoying these on FB and thanks so much for sharing your process. The paintings are lovely.

  6. Thanks for sharing your process!! I love the result!

  7. Question - how does the texture of the paper affect the appearance and adherence of the gold leaf? I can't tell if you are using cold press or hot press. Thanks!

  8. Carrie - what a lovely piece. I have heard about using gold leaf with watercolors but never have tried it. Thanks for sharing the process...I just might have to get some of this and experiment. Have a lovely day.

  9. Ooooh!

    You make it look so easy, Carrie.

    I've never gold-leafed anything before but definitely want to try it after seeing this.

    The metallics look so elegant and eye-catching.


  10. Thanks so much for sharing your process with gold leaf, it's beautiful, Carrie!