Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Feature: Kara Bigda

"Kara Bigda's Fisher Price People Series, original watercolors.

It's Friday Feature Day. Today I'm featuring Kara Bigda. She has been participating in the 30/30 painting challenge and I just love this whimsical series. I have always been a fan of her Fisher Price paintings, in fact I own a few.
To see more and to purchase one of her paintings visit her website, blog and facebook page.
1-Why did you decide to do the challenge? I had wanted to do a series of these Fisher Price paintings for awhile now, but something would always come up. This challenge was a good way to stick to my commitment and keep me serious about it. I always stay a little more disciplined when I think that someone might be "watching" me -- whether or not anyone really is, well, who knows!? -- It makes me more accountable.
2-What have you learned so far from painting everyday? This is really hard. More difficult than I ever imagined. But I've learned how important planning is - especially for me - if I ever want to do a series again, which I am planning for. In the area of painting, specifically, I've learned some things about color mixing, values, details vs. vague areas; all things that have to do with creating contrast within a painting, making it your own, not being a slave to the photograph (although I still kind of am, but I'm getting better I hope).
3-Do you have a theme, what was your plan of attack for painting 30 paintings? I think I kind of answered this already. Yes, Fisher Price Little People is my theme -- they never get old for me. Before the challenge started, I sorted through all my references, cropped and sized about 15 paintings. I cut my paper and drew out the first 15. Then I began painting painting about 4 of them. I've tried to maintain about 3-4 paintings at a time, so as soon as I finish one, I start a new one, while I still have others in various stages of completion. But it's really easy to get behind when life stuff gets in the way. Like right now, I only have one painting going, so I need to sit down and actively plan out my remaining paintings. Some will be a couple of commissions, so I already know what I'm going to do, I just have to do it - set up the still life, photograph, etc. But by the end of Friday, I'll have most all of the remaining paintings started -- that's the plan anyway. I don't like scrambling and feeling pressured. And I have a couple other commissions that I'm working on also, so I have to be organized.
This has been a really great experience and I thank Leslie Saeta for hosting it. She's very inspiring -- her blog, AHA, etc. And thank you too, Carrie, for inviting me to share what I do.
Thank you Kara so much for doing the feature:) I'll have my painting posted for today, soon:) Happy painting everyone!

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