Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Hummers

"Little Hummers", watercolor and gold leaf, 8" x 18" by Carrie Waller
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Soooo I fell off the wagon as far as the 30 in 30 challenge goes.  I just hit a wall, had to regroup and start again.  We'll see if I can make up some of the days I missed:(  But it was becoming more of a nightmare than a challenge and I was breaking Leslie's #1 rule to have fun, so I took a break and now I'm starting a fun project.  I broke out my gold leaf created this painting "Little Hummers".  It's 8" x 18".  I'm looking forward to using some more gold leaf this week:)



  1. I don't blame you - I don't think I could do it without burning out! Hats off for having fun! Love it :0)

  2. I missed hummingbirds this year. Next year I will plant special flowers for them and maybe, just maybe I will get good pics of them to paint from. Yours are gorgeous.

  3. These hummingbirds are beautiful, Carrie! Sometimes we have to fall off the wagon!!