Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday 30/30 Feature: Barbara Davis and Day 6/30 French Faces

"A is for Apple by Barbara Davis

"For the Boys of Summer" by Barbara Davis

"Wake Cup" by Barbara Davis

"A Good Dog" by Barbara Davis
"I'm Broke"  by Barbara Davis

It's Friday Feature time!  Since I'm participating in the 30/30 painting challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta, I decided to feature a fellow 30/30 participant.  Today I have Barbara Davis.  I just love her work and I thought her first 5 paintings have been spectacular.  I asked Barbara a few questions about doing the challenge for todays interview.

To see more of her work or to purchase her paintings visit her website, blog and facebook page

"I decided to do the challenge in September because I did it in January and it was a great experience.  At the end of the month, I was amazed at what I had accomplished and it was so good to really push myself.  I ordinarily do paint every day...or about 95% of them....but it's different to make that commitment to do it without fail.  I realized in January that knowing I'll be posting it on Facebook, on Leslie's blog and on my blog when I'm done pushes me to work harder to come away with a piece each day that I'm happy with and proud to show.  They certainly don't all turn out that way, but that goal is always before me".
"This time I decided to work through the alphabet.  I remember Karin Jurick did this a few years ago on her blog and I loved it and always thought it would be fun.  Knowing though that there are only 26 letters and we have 30 paintings to do, my plan is to finish up the month with four 'apple' paintings to celebrate this 'back-to-school' month and 'apple time'!"
"At this point, I'm five days in.  I have already learned that most every single time, I think my painting is a scraper.  I think there's no way I will be able to pull it off and make it something.  I try to spend at the most about two hours on the daily painting because I have some commissions I'm trying to finish.  So, a little panic sets in.  Time is slipping by.  I envision everyone posting these great paintings and I come up with absolutely nothing for the day.  I keep on working, though, and slowly it starts to come together and hope is restored.  So my BIG lesson is to stay positive and every painting has an ugly stage, so don't let it get to me! " 
"I want to thank Leslie for the challenge and for inspiring all of us and I thank you, Carrie, for introducing me to Leslie and Artists Helping Artists when we first met a few years ago.  It's been a great help to me! :)  
Happy Painting to all of the participating artists!"

Thank you so much Barbara!

I'm also going to share my 6th painting and the last of the French Faces, on to another theme next week.  

French Faces:  Andre original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" on sale $40  Buy Now
reg price $75

Meet Andre, he is the 4th brother.  Andre decided to go his own way and is not part of the Canarde Dynastie family business.  How was he supposed to know his bearded brothers would become a phenomenon.  Now he' wondering how he can get in on all those endorsement deals.  Poor guy has a baffled look on his face, you know what your Mom always said, "Be careful the faces you make because it might freeze that way".

For today only I'm offering all of my French Faces on sale for $40.  Tomorrow the price will go back to the regular price of $75.
"French Faces, Jacques" original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" sale price $40 Buy Now,  reg price $75
"French Faces, Philippe" original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" sale price $40 Buy Now, reg price $75

"French Faces, Jerard" original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" sale price $40 Buy Now, reg price $75
"French Faces, William" original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" sale price $40 Buy Now, reg price $75

"French Faces, Cyrano" original watercolor by Carrie Waller 5" x 7" sale price $40 Buy Now, reg price $75


  1. Great entries for the both of you, I like yours Carrie, and Barbara's :) The egg and yolk is a fabulous painting :)

  2. Barbara's work is wonderful! This latest architectural piece is wonderful! Those curled beard pieces below the mouth...I am reminded of those caricatured or cartoony guys that get that body builder pose, you know, elbows out fists together, hoorah! LOL Love the whimsy of these pieces.

  3. I'm sorry to see the end of the French Faces series. I've enjoyed them thoroughly! Brilliant theme!

  4. Thank you, Carrie, for the Friday Feature! It's an honor, my friend! I LOVE your French amaze me every day!!

  5. Thank you Cindy.
    Sherry thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I'm so glad I finally painted these faces and half of them have sold:) And I agree Barbara's work is amazing.
    RoseAnn I have 1 left I didn't paint, we'll see maybe I'll stick him in before the 30/30 is over.
    Barbara, thank you so much for doing the feature:)