Friday, June 10, 2011

Watercolor Work In Progress and Technical Difficulties

Work In Progress watercolor on paper 11 x 14

Do you ever have those weeks that seem to be full of technical difficulties?  I'm having one of those weeks.  On a  positive note I finished a large commission and got that shipped off, but the difficulties come in to play with trying to get prints made.  I've been frequenting a printer that is an hour and a half away from my house to get the prints made.  This is no easy feat with 2 small boys, it's a lot of time in the car not to mention the gas.  Since I move all of the time (military family) I have to find new companies every time I move, so I had never used this printer before.  Their website is impressive and the samples he had also impressive.  So I was very surprised when I saw the proof and it didn't look any better than something I could have printed on my home printer.  He promised to tweak it and have me come back.  Well after a few days of ignoring my call and e-mails I'm going to assume that he's through with the project.  I'm back to square one.  I found another company and am anxiously awaiting the proof from them.  Crossing all fingers, toes and eyes here:)

In conjunction with all of my printer woes, my boys have both started a Summer program which adds another level of stress.  My youngest son has never been away from me.  The first day was great, no issues, day 2 my youngest guy had an allergic reaction to something and broke out in hives.  I'm not sure what he's allergic too, but he still has some hives on his legs.

On top of that there is always the endless laundry, dishes and dirty diapers, a thankless, never-ending job.  Calgon take me away, serenity now, serenity now!  But it is officially the weekend, so I'm declaring a fabulous weekend and a stress-free week next week.

Hope you have a fabulous, stress-free weekend also,



  1. Hang in there girlfriend..its just a phase ...when it seems all the forces are against you. You are still YOU, a phenomenal wife, mom and especially artist.
    P.S. cant wait to see the finished piece here!

  2. It's coming along beautifully, Carrie. Now take three deep breaths and smile.
    Anonymous aka Carol B.

  3. Oh Carrie!

    I'm sorry you are having difficulties finding a printing company! Hope this new one works out for you. I know having your commissioned piece out the door is a big weight off your shoulder.

    Hope Sam is doing better and that he doesn't have a reaction again. Glad you are getting a little break from the kids; it will be essential when Brian's gone!!!

    We have started the terrible two (almost 3)tantrums here, and boy I thought Davis was bad..... just wait Carrie~ this is your official warning!!!!

    I love your lily paintings, they are so vibrant and pretty. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

    Have you ever thought of turning any of your paintings into greeting cards?

    Hope your weekend is AWESOME and that Brian takes the boys out to breakfast one morning :-) Hang in there!

  4. You may be having technical difficulties but your painting is looking fabulous... I do not know how you manage your passion to create with the challenge of two little ones. Hoping that the hives are gone and that you have a wonderful summer!


  5. It must be something in the "air"! I had a rough week, too. Coming back from dropping some paintings at a show, I ran over some gravel [couldn't avoid it] a neighbor's boy was chucking on the road. It cracked my radiator. So I have been without for most of the past week - NOT good when you're out in the country! But this too shall pass. I wish both of us a good weekend, and a much better week next week!!!

  6. Looks like you are being kept busy.. :) But you are still painting and painting beautifully.

  7. Hang in there, Carrie. This, too, shall pass. I have learned sometimes you just have to take it one hour at a time. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Hugs to you...N