Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Hydrangea in Bird Pitcher

Hi Everyone,
watercolor on paper 8x8 BID NOW

Here is my finished painting.  Isn't it sweet:)  Something so delicate about this one even though it's so dramatically lit.  I joined Daily Paintworks and this painting is in my first auction on their site.  So head on over and check it out.  I'm excited about being part of this site.

I'm ever so optimistic that I will have a work in progress to share with you on Friday.  We shall see.  Tomorrow I'm taking the boys to the zoo.  They've been crazy little monkeys this week so I feel a visit to the zoo is appropriate.

Hope you're having a fabulous week.



  1. Je trouve ton petit pichet adorable... Les fleurs d'hortensia sont magnifiquement bien éclairées... Un très joli contraste de lumière et d'ombre.
    Gros bisous et bonne promenade au zoo!

  2. This is another beautiful painting, Carrie! I love the dramatic lighting on the set up. I clicked on the enlarged view so I could really study this. I love the values on the petals. The details are wonderful!

  3. Just so very delightful and elegant....your pieces always have such class to them. Well done Carrie!

  4. Lovely! Hope you have a fun time at the zoo and get to see more animals to inspire you and your little monkeys!

  5. Carrie, it is just divine - love the pink hydrangeas. And have fun at the zoo on Friday!

  6. This is clearly a photo, right? ;0)
    You are just too clever for words! It is stunning! Let us know if it sells :0D
    And have a lovely time at the zoo :0)

  7. Amazing pink hydrangeas, Carrie. Your paintings get better with every piece.

  8. This is stunning. You're an amazing artist and a true inspiration to everyone, Carrie. Have a lovely time taking your 'monkeys' to see the real thing!