Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carterville Celebration

The Carterville book cover and my pages in the book on the right--The first times my paintings have been published in a book--such an honor
"Hayton Theater" 18 x 24 original watercolor on paper SOLD
"Hampton Drugs" original watercolor on paper 18 x 24 SOLD

Last weekend my family and I traveled back to my home town of Carterville, Illinois.  A former teacher of mine, Sheri Hunter and an alumnus, Jennifer Spence launched their book on Carterville.  These two amazing ladies took on the insurmountable task of writing a book on the history of Carterville and its surrounding towns of Crainville and Cambria.  For the passed year they have been researching, writing and compiling this gem of a book.  What started as a couple hundred page book in black and white ballooned into a 400 page, full color, astounding piece of Carterville history.  The book is absolutely fabulous and I will treasure my copy. 

The book launch turned into a full blown celebration.  The festivities began with a parade, followed by an open house at the old high school--scheduled to be torn down this summer.  There was also a program based on the history of Carterville, which one of Carterville's finest, my cousin, Ryan Patrick presided as the "Master of Ceremonies".  And a crepe paper social to round out the day.  It was a fabulous day!!

Last year Sheri (co-author of the book) contacted me about contributing some watercolor paintings of Carterville to the project.  I of course was honored and said yes.  The paintings were included in the book and the originals were auctioned off during a silent auction for the book launch.  In addition the superintendent commissioned a painting of the old high school.  The 1st print of the limited edition prints was also auctioned off during the silent auction.  The original will hang in the new high school.
Top Left:  Mrs Samuel and I my high school art teacher Middle:   Jennifer Spence, Me, Sheri Hunter (J&S co-authors of the book) Right:  Ryan Patrick Master of Ceremonies aka my cousin, Bottom my paintings up for auction



  1. Congratulations Carrie, how awesome is that!
    Carol B.

  2. Congratulations. Carterville must just love you and your stunning paintings.

  3. Carrie, it sounds like it was a fabulous celebration! And a great big congradulations to you on the book, and the paintings. What a unique and wonderful honor!!

  4. What a fabulous honour, especially as it's your home town. Well done Carrie!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Carrie!!! What an honor!!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Congrats on the sales and printed work. They show up so nicely in the magazine. What a great honor! I know your home town is so proud of you!

  7. oh carrie, i have goose flesh as i read this post. how wonderful and what a well deserved honor! congratulations and bravo!! the paintings are simply amazing and the book sounds so incredible. you must be still buzzed by this wonderful honor. your family must be so proud of you. how perfectly divine!