Monday, June 6, 2011

Carterville High School

Carterville High study, 8x10 watercolor on paper

Carterville High drawing of the high school 24 x 36 This is the actual drawing I used for the painting.
Hi Everyone,

Hope you had  a terrific weekend.  It's extremely hot in Alabama.  We've been in the 100's.  It's great weather for swimming but not much else.  So we've had the boys in the pool non-stop, Summer is definitely here:)

Today I'm going to share a study that I've done for a project I've been working on.  I did this study just to show color and style the drawing below is the drawing I used for the painting.   The study is a small painting of the high school I graduated from, class of '94, I guess soon I'll have to clarify and say 1994.  They have built a new beautiful high school and are in the process of tearing the old one down.  Bittersweet, the building has been there since 1924 and  I really think the up and coming classes should have to suffer through in the non-air conditioned building just like every other Carterville High graduate.  I was commissioned by the superintendent of the schools paint a picture of the old high school to be hung in the new high school.  I'm very honored.  I have finished the commission and will reveal that at a later date, until then here is a little glimpse of the project.

A huge celebration has been planned in Carterville to say good bye to the old high school and open the new one.  Some amazing ladies (Sheri Hunter and Jennifer Spence)  have been working on a book about Carterville and that will also be launched during the celebrations.  They have a jammed packed day full of activities and I'm excited to make the trek to attend. 

I'm hoping to paint a few things this week so check back I may have several posts:)



  1. What a beautiful job, Carrie and certainly a big undertaking. Enjoy your week.
    Anonymous aka Carol
    (Google not letting me sign in to post comments)

  2. What an awesome honor! Your work transcends so much! What an awesome talent! P.S. May be heading back to the Heart of Dixie at the end of July....contemplating going to my High School Reunion and Grad School Convocation....Would love to see y'all :)

  3. Un dessin et une peinture formidable... Je suppose que vous n'auriez jamais songé auparavant que vous puissiez plus tard croquer votre école... Bravo!
    gros bisous

  4. Love the perspective! Wonderful shadows also- just a beautiful piece! What an honor to be asked to capture that history- good for you!

    Yes, hot here too in Georgia- whew! Swimming is good:)

  5. Thank you, Carrie, for the compliments on the carp. Your high school work is impressive, and I look forward to seeing the BIG painting [quite an endeavor]

  6. Fantastic study. What an honour for you to paint your old school but how sad that it is to be replaced. I would be very upset if my old school was demolished - some of it dates back to the mid 1600s!

  7. Beautiful work Carrie! I love the suggestion of the bricks on the walls of the building. And the sky looks great too. :) That's an honor to be asked to paint your old high school. Very cool.

  8. Congratulations to the school board for choosing you! this is just fabulous! cannot wait to see the finished painting! it's going to be breathtaking. what a well deserved honor!

  9. Awesome stuff Carrie! So when is the big event happening back home? I haven't been back in over a decade now, but I would love to attend; I had a lot of good memories there! Hope everything is going well with you!

  10. Amazing! I read through your "about me" and looked through many posts, and as I scrolled back up to look at the high school.... I realized that it is a watercolor and not a photograph! It is exquisite and what a treat they will have through your art.

    You and your son are total cuties, too.


  11. What a fantastic painting! It looks so real! :0)

  12. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, it's no wonder you were chosen! You do stunning work - glad to have found you!

  13. Dear Carrie,
    Your work is amazing...!!! Absolutely beautiful and how precise it is!! Beyond my language. I do watercolour, but very loose. Your work teaches me lot. Thank you!
    Kind regards, Sadami