Friday, June 24, 2011

Carterville Heritage Celebration

original watercolor on paper 18 x 24 for auction Sat. June 25th, Carterville, Illinois
original watercolor 18 x 24 up for auction Sat, June 25, Carterville, Illinois

This weekend my hometown of Carterville, Illinois is having a huge celebration.  There will be a parade, tours of the old high school that just graduated its last class, a special program celebrating the town, a book launch, a silent auction, a crepe paper social and lots more.  Some very talented ladies, Sheri Hunter and Jennifer Spence have written a book about Carterville and the surrounding towns and will be selling copies.  I had the honor of contributing some paintings to the cause.  My paintings will be auctioned during a silent auction Saturday.  It should be a fabulous time, I'm proud to say I'm a Carterville alumnus--Go Lions:)

Here is the link to the original post which gives a little more info about each painting.  Click Here
Pink Hydrangea in Bird Pitcher original watercolor on paper 8x8 BID NOW

 I also have "Pink Hydrangea in Bird Pitcher" up for auction at Daily Paintworks.  Don't miss out on this one:)

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  1. Carrie, these are great! You nailed the vintage feel, colours etc. I love how you tailored your palette - the drug store piece has rich, subtle colours that make the grays sparkle. The cash register is beautiful - as well as the fountain top. Also love the blues of her dress and the car together. Have fun at your hometown party!

  2. I love these pieces Carrie! Such a great feeling to them. :) Good luck with your autctions, you are doing awesome!!

  3. Love the nostalgia in these. Great paintings!

  4. These painting are so amazing, Carrie. How nice of you to offer some of your work for auction.
    Anonymous aka Carol Blackburn
    (I think I am stuck in this Blogger black hole forever)

  5. These are ALL amazing works, Carrie! Enjoy your weekend. xo

  6. Love them all!!! Good luck with the auction!! Sounds wonderful.

  7. These are so 'photoreal' it's almost unbelievable that they are paintings at all! Best of luck with the auction!!! :0)

  8. maravillosos trabajos, como siempre me gustan sobre todo la fuerza y energia que desprenden. enhorabuena y un saludo.