Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday: "Rainbow Row"

"Rainbow Row" 17" x 35" work in progress watercolor by Carrie Waller 
Here are my work in progress pics for my newest painting.  I finally have a title, my Mom came up with Rainbow Row (she lives in Charleston) and I think it's perfect.  I loved all the titles that you guys sent in as well and plan on using some of those for future painting titles.

I have this painting finished but I'm not unveiling until Monday so until then you can see the work in progress sneak peeks:)

Oh and as far as my laundry list of crazy tasks to finish that I mentioned in last post, my second child just got sick so I'm scratching the yard sale.  Feels good to type that:)  I had a dream last night that I was almost finished packing for our move and I packed the wrong house:)



  1. Carrie, this is amazing, love seeing your work in progress. Can only imagine how it will look framed and on the wall, such brilliant color !

  2. I so enjoy seeing your work in progress, thanks for sharing it with us. I love the colors and luminosity of your watercolors. My watercolor style is so different than yours but I so enjoy looking at your work and admire your patience and tenacity. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting. :)

  3. Great work...I think it's cool to see the stages of progress.
    You are talented...I hope you know how much!!!!!

  4. Must be a relief to not to have to worry about the yard sale. Maybe you can have one at the new house as I'm sure you'll find things as you begin putting things away too.

  5. Lol! That's just the sort of dream I would have - completely bananas!
    Oh I am SO in awe of this painting - this is my favorite one of yours ever! I particularly love the honey jar... I can't wait to see the final result :0)

  6. Thank you for sharing, I love looking at tge different stages of the painting.