Monday, April 1, 2013

I need help with a title

original watercolor by Carrie Waller 6" x 9"ish

So here is my latest painting.  It from a series of photos I took of bottles with colored water.  The boys and I had the best time mixing the colors.  It was one of our Spring Break projects:))  We were real color mixologists:)  It was a fabulous lesson in mixing colors, if anyone is looking for a great way to teach kids about mixing colors.  I just used regular food dye, liquid not gel.

So this is the first in the series.  It's a smaller piece 6" x 9"isn.  Looking forward to painting the next one.  I have more ideas brewing so who knows where I'll end up.

I could use your help.  I don't have a strong title.  I have a few things I'm bouncing around but nothing I   Love!!!  So if you have an idea I'd love a little help:)



  1. The first thing that popped into my mind was the word 'alchemy'. The beautiful blues and greens in the equally beautifully shaped bottles - including the one at the back on the left side that looks like a flask you'd see in a lab - set against the beautiful clear spring-like sky and the bare trees just brought to mind nature's magic, as well.

    'Spring's Alchemy'?

    'Natural Magic'?

    And, figuring in that all this while I'd been listening to Miles Davis' amazing 'Kind of Blue' LP when I got this blog post in my Reader just now, how about 'Patches of Blues and Greens'? Any of those catch your fancy?

    This painting is absolutely beautiful, may I take this time to tell you, also. The vibrancy of the colours is stunning. - June

  2. How about 'Jewel Bottles?' beautiful painting by the way!! ;-)

  3. "Red , Yellow and Blue Mixed In A Bottle " I do so enjoy looking at the glow of your watercolors, Well Done !

  4. I can't think of a good enough title for this gorgeous painting, Carrie! Amazing piece...

  5. I don't know if you do the kids song, "9 green bottles sitting on a wall" in the US? If you do then 'Sitting on the Wall" might be appropriate?

    Great painting as usual, Carrie. I can say that now I'm a painter (all of 2 paintings complete!)