Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Row

"Rainbow Row" 17" x 35" watercolor by Carrie Waller

I am happy to share with you my completed painting "Rainbow Row".  It's a big dude so it took some time but I'm thrilled with the outcome!  This is part of a series I'm working for gallery show.  
"Bottled at the Source" 15" x 27.5" watercolor by Carrie Waller
I'm also happy to share that I sold "Bottled at the Source" this week.  I'll be shipping this off to a collector in Alabama.
"Celebration" 18" x 24" watercolor by Carrie Waller
I also received word that my painting "Celebration" was accepted into the National Watercolor Society Member's show.  I have been trying to ship this painting off and haven't been able to get it out of Arkansas.  I started at UPS but they won't insure it unless it is packed by UPS standards which includes styrofoam peanuts, which is against NWS rules.  So off to the Post off I went, but they have no way to give you a return shipping label, also required by NWS.  Back to UPS I went, but without an exact return date they can't print the return shipping label.  So I created an UPS account and am hoping this will solve my problems.  Any advice from anyone that has done this???? Please????



  1. Wow, beautiful work and congratulations on all your success! I would try a Mail Boxes Etc, they always have good solutions.

  2. All of the paintings you showed here are beautiful, Carrie. I love the way the light is going through the purple bottle in front. Congratulations on the sale and being accepted into the show!

  3. Well first of all - your painting is flabbergastingly amazing! My favorite EVER! I'd love to see a photo of it on the wall or easel next to a person :0)
    Bottled at source and the Ball Jars - well, they are also brilliant as I've said before! Sounds like the post situation is a bit of a nightmare. Good luck! :0)

  4. Hi Carrie,
    The painting is beautiful! Congratulations on the NWS member show. Maybe a different UPS store would do it. I didn't have any problems at my local UPS store shipping in my box. It was in an Airfloat Art Shipping box from Airfloat Systems. Not a word was said about not insuring it and I got a return label. This was last year though so maybe they have changed their rules.


  5. Carrie, what a wonderful collection. Your work is stunning. I hope to be like you when you when I grow into an amazingly awesome artist! Congrats!

  6. Hi Carrie, I've been shipping with FedEx and Airfloat for three years, and had no problems. I never shipped painting this large but I called them just now and they said it's ok to use FedEx Ground for this size (I added 7 inches from your painting size to estimate your box size and figured it should be approximate). They allow return shipping label to be created and printed from their web interface when you create the label to ship your painting to NWS. I have a FedEx account and I guess that's the easiest way to do this regularly, but you can do it over the counter at FedEx Kinko as well if you don't want to open another account.

  7. BTW I used to print return shipping label just as a normal shipping label and with totally wrong dates (month off) and they've always come back to me safely. Never lost a painting. I assume the dates are probably not a real problem... But, if you want peace of mind, do the return shipping label with FedEx online interface. It doesn't require you to put in a date.

  8. Beautiful painting Carrie!! I love it. :) And congrats on your acceptance, no surprise there! What about FedEx? That seems to be what I used when I had to ship for large shows a few years ago. Good luck!

  9. First off, Rainbow Row is stunning!! Love the inclusion of the tree and sky too.

    As far as shipping to the NWS show -- use an Airfloat box and pack it yourself -- super simple and the box is reusable multiple times. Set up a label on UPS and print it yourself. Depending on how much insurance you want, you may need to interact directly with a UPS driver rather than a UPS store. But it may actually be cheaper to call for a pickup rather than have a UPS store pack and ship for you.

    The real problem is the return shipping. If you simply send a label addressed to yourself with your painting, it works to get your painting back to you, but the insurance information is deleted from the UPS system after 90 days. Since many shows have your painting for more than 90 days, it then comes back with only the $100 default insurance. I've just set up a new UPS account hoping to avoid that problem in the future.

    Hope these tips help.

  10. Quik Mail (in Charleston, SC) ship via UPS and FedEx and they had no trouble enclosing a prepaid return shipping label. Good luck with it, and best of luck in the show!

  11. All of these watercolors are absolutely fantastic, Carrie!! Congratulations!!!!