Monday, April 22, 2013

Almost Done!!!!

Hi Everyone,
work in progress by Carrie Waller, watercolor 17 x 35

I'm painting like a crazy woman with too many deadlines looming.  Oh yeah and I have to move (we're military, our landlords sold our house, boo--so we are moving to a house on the same street).  Have a gallery show on May 9th, a commission due end of this week and working on another project that I have a meeting via skype this Thursday and still don't have any concrete ideas, aaaaaghhhhhh!  Oh and the only time I can have a garage sale (HOA restrictions) is on April 27th, so I'm trying to squeeze that in too.

I will get this all done, I just may not sleep:(

Here is where I am at the moment, have to finish this up today.



  1. Wow, it's looking amazing-obviously you work well under pressure!

  2. Oh I do so remember such busy times when I was younger and my girls were little. You'll get through it somehow. I have faith! Love the bottles so far. Beautiful gem colors with the light coming through them!

  3. First of all - the painting is beyond remarkable! I think it's my favorite of yours ever! I can't stop looking at it!!!
    I can't believe you're having to move again! Do you ever bother fully unpacking? At least you only have to move a little way and not far this time...
    I wish you luck with all of this to do - but I like your positive 'I WILL do it'. That speaks volumes and I'm in no doubt! Just make sure you treat your self to a day off once it's all done, before starting anything else, so you don't get burnt out :0)