Monday, October 22, 2012

San Pellegrino 6x6 with a video demo

"San Pellegrino" original watercolor on 260lb Arches by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

Anyone else crazy busy?  I sat  down last night and did a visual calendar, which I will discuss on Wednesday, to try to organize myself.  I needed something very visual and right-brained to get my rear in gear.  And to just see how over committed I am to everything:)

In the mean time I have finished my "San Pellegrino 6x6", as I prepare to enter things into the Randy Higbee 6in squared competition.  Painting these 4 bottles in a 6in squared format was quite the challenge.  Holy magnifying glass Batman, there is some tiny print in this composition.
"Tall Drink of Water" 20" x 35" original watercolor by Carrie Waller SOLD

I'm also sharing a video with you of my other San Pellegrino painting, this one was not to small.  Leslie and I are doing a show on video demos tomorrow on Artists Helping Artists so I thought I would share a video I did on Animoto. And here is a link I did for video of a workshop last year.  I would love to hear about any of your experiences doing live or video demos, I'm sure there are some great stories out there:)

And I would greatly appreciate your vote in the 11th Annual Daniel Smith Customer Art Contest.  I won the weekly contest, I'm now on to the monthly contest.  Just click here, put Carrie Waller in the search bar and my painting "Celebration" will come up.  Then click the yellow vote button.  Thank you so much!!



  1. Really cool, Carrie! Short and sweet...and incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Im too busy to stop, Carrie ... back later to watch the vidio.

    Listened a couple of times to you on AHA ... brilliant!

    Love the bottles, so clever!

  3. Love your video Carrie....and yes I voted!

  4. Des oeuvres pétillantes!... Une vidéo géniale.
    Gros bisous

  5. Yes that is some VERY tiny print on those bottles and you did it beautifully! Wow! These are simply stunning. I didn't know there was such a thing as a 6x6 competition, but I will venture to guess that your bottles will take top honors!

  6. Carrie I can't believe that detailed painting is only 6x6... you must have been cross-eyed when you were done!

    Love the video, it's nice to see the progression of the painting all on the same screen. I've been looking for a site that does a fun slideshow like that - I may have to give animoto a try myself! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just gorgeous Carrie! I would have struggled with such tiny detail! :0)