Monday, October 29, 2012

Oysters on the Half Shell

"Oysters on the Half Shell" original watercolor on 260lb Arches 6x6 by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to paint this picture ever since I took the photo reference 2 years ago on Mother's Day.  I'm not a fan of oysters, but for some reason I was drawn to this photo.  It was a challenge to get the oysters just right and the ice.   I also had the best time with the background.  I think I'm finally handling the blurred background well.

"San Pellegrino" original watercolo on 260lb Arches 6x6 by Carrie Waller

In case you missed it here is the 6x6 painting I did last week.  They're kind of shaping up to be a series.  I must be longing for Summer as the onset of colder weather is eminent.  Wait til you see the painting I'm working on right now.  Can't wait to share wip pictures on Wed.



  1. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! The oyster painting is really fantastic, Carrie. I think the blurred background is great . . . but my goodness -- that ice and those oysters, they're really terrific. I think though, my favorite part is the rim of the dish along with that right, reflection on the dish, where you almost lose it in the background. So lifelike. Sensational painting. And the Pellegrino painting just goes without saying. You nail it every time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're painting now. Great teaser! :)

  2. Oysters yuk....your painting YUM. I do believe you can make anything look good in a painting. :)

  3. I don't like the taste of oysters but you painting make it looks delicious. Its also quite inviting. You've done the unexpected. Well done.

  4. Interesting subject, Carrie, and very well painted. Love how you did the ice cubes, and yes, the blurred background is great!

  5. I'm just blown away by this! What a tricky subject - to capture there moistness and texture. Phenomenal! :0)

  6. The oysters look good enough to eat. This is a fresh take on oyster paintings. As a fan of oysters and coastal paintings, I have never seen green in a painting of oysters. It gives it a southern feel for me.