Monday, October 15, 2012

Hopper and Halloween

"Hopper 8x8" original watercolor by Carrie Waller SOLD
Hi Everyone,

I have finished my commission so I thought I would share it with you.  As soon as my first Hopper painting sold I had someone wanting to buy it, so I told them I would paint it slightly different and in a larger size and they agreed.  It's always an interesting journey painting the same image twice.  I think you always learn from it and it takes less time.  I tried to video my whole process and it was a bit of a fiasco.  I have some figuring out to do in the video department.  But I will try again, it sure would help if it didn't take me soooooooo many hours to paint my paintings.  I ran out of video space, Ha!!

I also wanted to share with you Steven's project this weekend.  He absolutely loves to get involved in the Holiday decor, so we made a spooktacular Halloween garland.

Also I have my Fall Specials going on right now for a limited time 50% off.

"October Bounty" original watercolor on arches paper 18 x24 BUY NOW
"Candy Apple Red" original watercolor on arches paper 6x6 BUY NOW


  1. They are all so beautifully painted !!! "Candy Apple Red" is absolutely gorgeous, Carrie!! and I can see already that Steven will be following your artistic footprints!!!

  2. I love Steven's Halloween project! Those scary faces threaded on the string are wonderful. :)

  3. Toutes mes félicitations pour la vente de Hopper... Une très jolie peinture... qui n'enlève rien aux deux autre merveilleuses oeuvres bien sûr!

    Une belle guirlande !...
    gros bisous

  4. It's a fantastic painting Carrie - really love it! And Steven has done a great job too :0)