Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebration 17 x 24

"Celebration" original watercolor on paper 17 x 24 by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

I'm delayed getting my post up because I refused to post until I finished my painting.  So I happily present you with "Celebration".  Yes, I have painted this before, I've done a 6x6, 6x8 and now a 17 x 24.

Here is a pic with me so you can see the scale.

Also I'm co-hosting Artists Helping Artists this month, Gulp, and I could use your help.  What is the best advice you've been given regarding your art or art career.  Can't wait to read your answers:)

Now off to do the neglected laundry:(\



  1. Carrie that is stunning!!! STU-NNING!!!!!!!! I'm so proud I have one of these. I love it so, so, so much. :)))))

    I can't wait to hear you on AHA!! You will do awesome, no need to be nervous. :)

    Best advice. . . hmmm. . . Never let discouragement turn into defeat. You can work your way out of discouragement, we all feel it at times, but once you pick your brushes up again you've closed the door on being defeated by resolving to try again.

  2. It is awesome, Carrie. Congratulations on cohosting AHA. I will have to listen in.

  3. It's all about scale isn't it? When you see the size of this painting the impact is awe-inspiring ('awesome' is resting this week).

    I heard you on the radio with Crystal, last time, you really sound professional ... no worries there.

    Best Advice I Ever Had? (Remembering I'm still with pen and ink, 65 years after the advice was given) "Why don't you try drawing over the pencil lines with a pen, young man, and see if it appeals to you?"

  4. Hey Carrie -- this looks amazing. I am always impressed with the scale of many of your paintings. It really does make a difference to the impact of the painting and isn't always translated well when it's not given a context.

    Good luck on AHA - although I've heard you before and you don't need it. You'll do great! I'm excited to listen.

    Best advice? My answer is more a technical answer - and I read it in Carol Marine's blog. It has to do with nailing values. While there are other important elements in making art, in realism specifically, one has to really understand and depict the values correctly and have a wide range of them to have a successful painting. Correct values are essential.

  5. Wow - this is SPECTACULAR!!!!! I can't get over how smooth your background is considering the size. There's no sign of any drying lines anywhere! Amazing!
    Actually, it was something that Crystal once said on Facebook. I can't remember who the quote originally came from, but it said...
    'In order to be a good Artist, you must first be willing to be a bad Artist!' It is SO true!
    My own advise would be to just treat every mistake as a new lesson learned. This turns a mistake in to something positive rather than a negative. And how can we learn without making mistakes?
    Good luck Carrie - you will be just FABULOUS!!!! :0)

  6. I love, love, love it! I've been struggling with some larger paintings myself lately (I haven't posted any), and was admiring that you can just concentrate and finish one like this in a set period of time -- I always seem to lose focus mid way!

    I will be listening to AHA radio! You will make a great host -- giving the interesting writings on your blog and the clear instructions I received from you every time I asked a question. I loved your program with Crystal, and I'm sure I'll love these new ones!

    Best advice I've received -- from Keiko Tanabe, a daily painter and amazing water-colorist: "Don't be a workshop junkie -- prepare to spend a lot of time in the studio, alone!" I use to go to a tons of workshops and only paint during the workshops (and not able to complete anything). Following her advice (ironically, when attending her workshop) I've produced quite a few pieces this year, and my work has really climbed a ladder!

  7. So great. Always love the reflections you paint.

    The best advice I ever got was, "Draw everyday!" Pretty simple, but it hit home to me.

    Have fun with your AHA event.

  8. I love this get such beautiful vibrant colors...I am totally in awe of your talent.

    I can't wait for will be fabulous!

    Best advice I was ever given is to paint what I love. So many people have told me to paint flowers or still lifes and I will sell more paintings...but I love figures and portraits. I choose to follow my heart and I believe it is the right path for me.

  9. Maria has said what I was about to add. Paint what you want! SO important!

  10. Phenomenal! Striking! I love it, Carrie!!!
    The only advice that made an impact on my painting was in one of the few classes I've taken. She kept saying "darker ... darker", and I did, and I do. :)

  11. Your work is amazing and you do it so quickly. I don't find it easy working larger. This definitely is a show winner!

    Here's a piece of advice given by an instructor that I have not forgotten, but never followed..."watercolor should look like it just happened".