Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank You!

Hi Everyone,

I want to start out by telling you all a heart felt thank you for your messages, e-mails and fb comments about the loss of our sweet kitty.  It was very comforting! It was a bit of a rough weekend since this was the first experience with loss our little boys have experienced.  Sam our 3 year old was immediately sad but our 6 yr old Steven had a delayed reaction and was sobbing into the mid night hours.

Due to our emotional weekend I didn't get a whole lot of painting done.  I couldn't keep my mind on painting and opted to spend a family weekend.  I have progressed some but it feels like the painting that will never be done:)

I'm sharing with you my work in progress pics so far.

wip original watercolor on260lb Arches 18" x 24" by Carrie Waller
wip original watercolor on260lb Arches 18" x 24" by Carrie Waller
wip original watercolor on260lb Arches 18" x 24" by Carrie Waller

wip original watercolor on260lb Arches 18" x 24" by Carrie Waller
Have a great week everyone, see you on Wednesday:)



  1. Oh Carrie - I am so sorry for all of you! This is the first I have heard of the news. I'm a little lazy on facebook :0(
    I remember last Christmas when we lost our dog, Codi. We were all so devastated - but you just want to take that pain away from the kids don't you? It's awful to watch them grieve. As weird as it sounds, watching Charlie so devastated was as bad as losing Codi. I'm sending you all big, heartfelt hugs xxxx

  2. Bonjour Carrie,
    je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après mes longues semaines d'absence...
    Je suis ravie de vous lire et à la fois triste d'apprendre cette mauvaise nouvelle qui afflige votre famille avec la perte de votre minou.
    je comprends votre chagrin à tous... Il avait certainement comme moi avec mes animaux de compagnie une place différente que celle d'un simple animal.
    Je suis contente toutefois d'admirer à nouveau votre travail... L'évolution est superbe grâce à vos merveilleuses photos.
    Un gros bisou à vous, je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage.

  3. It's never easy, but when you are very young, such a tragedy shatters the illusion of a life without loss and pain. It isn't easy for them is it? Sending Lots of sympathy.

  4. Hi Carrie,

    It is a very difficult time and allow yourself sometime for grief. There would be time for painting but at this moment your heart is occupied by heavy thoughts and you need a little time off -- again, my heart goes to you and I can only imagine how losing a companion for ten years would feel like...

  5. My heart-felt sympathy to you and your family, Carrie. It is SO hard when you lose one of your animal friends.