Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm suffering from NITAM

Hi Everyone,
Progressing slowly:) original watercolor by Carrie Waller
 As you can see I have not progressed to much with my ball jars.  Between everyone being sick for most of last week and stopping this painting mid painting to do my Hopper series I am just Not In The Artistic Mood:))  And why is it this happens when I just wrote out the list of shows I want to participate in and it's going to be challenging at best to squeeze all that painting in.   Instead of putting brush to paper the boys and I decorated for Halloween and Fall.  Well we started anyway, we'll have more pics to share with you on Wednesday.

This is our upstairs living area.  I guess I should take a close up of the mantle.  The first time I've had to get a ladder out to decorate a fireplace mantle.  We have 20' ceilings our Christmas tree is going to look rinky dink:)

Downstairs living area.  We went much more Halloween than Fall downstairs.  Do you see my witchy helper:)

It's spooktacular:)
More of the downstairs.
 I'll see you on Wednesday.



  1. Decorating for fall/halloween is very artistic!!! Love the decorations and it helped me get in the mood!!! for decorating that is. Love the ball jars too!

  2. Very boo-tiful.............I bet the boys are thrilled. :)

  3. Beautifully decorated, Carrie!! Like Maria said...decorating is very artistic! and a good time to break away from watercolors ..even for a little comes first.! and your son looks adorable!!

  4. Carrie, the beginning of the school year is rough. But, your painting and house look amazing! Love that fireplace and high ceiling! Next week will be better.

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  6. Love seeing the rooms and decorations. Your boys won't remember if you finished a painting, but they will remember the fun you had w/ the decorations.

  7. As much as the Halloween decor is fabulous - I just can't take my eyes off the paintings on the walls! I had no idea your paintings were so large! When you see them on a blog, I suppose there is nothing to scale them with. People say the same about my bears when they see them :0)
    I'm sure that as soon as you pick up your brush you will get right back in to the swing of it. You have to - you have shows to win!!! :0)

  8. What a beautiful and comfortable-looking home, and I love all the decorations.
    I have faith in you, Carrie. I know your artistic mood will come back stronger than ever!

  9. Nearly missed this, Carrie. The place looks fantastic ... apart from.... gulp ... that scary ... tremble ... withchy helper!!

  10. Great decorating! And it's so good to see you have terrific, albeit, very scary help! :) I can completely identify with the NITAM. I just had a bout with it myself -- in addition to feeling like I completely lost my mojo. It will pass, it always does. Just start wading around the internet looking at art and you'll feel inspired in no time. Like Sandra said -- "you have shows to win!" :)