Monday, July 16, 2012

Work In Progress

work in progress 18" x 28" watercolor on paper by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

I'm still plugging away on my water themed painting.  I have my Mom and Grandma in town so I'm squeezing some painting time in here and there.  I'm still struggling with the photos of my work.  I think I'm going to have to photograph in the mornings which really doesn't jive with my nightowl tendencies. Since I'm normally blogging with you at 3am.

On the home front Steven got to celebrate his birthday again with his "Gigi" (my Mom) and his Great Grandma Smith.  This time in addition to a jello mold we had cake too:)



  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE how the painting is looking. You do realistic abstract design (is that really a thing? I think so) like NO ONE else. This is stunning.

    And yay for moms visiting and birthdays and cake!!! :D

    Hugs to you my friend.

  2. My this one is progressing so beautifully (as usual). I like Crystal's comment about realistic abstract design; there must be a name for it. With all the swirls in this one, it's on the verge of psychedelic............

  3. Wow.. This looks just awesome already. That blue is really cool. Need to see it completed..

  4. What a BIG six year old! He's a big boy now!

    Love your painting, Carrie. It will be another winner.

  5. En cette période de l'année comme vous je suis très occupée, entre les préparatifs pour les futures expositions et les moments passés entre amis qui sont plus fréquents en été... Je suis tout de même très heureuse de découvrir le bon déroulement de votre prochaine peinture qui promet être très belle.
    Je suis très contente aussi de découvrir le visage heureux de votre petit garçon soufflant ses 6 bougies... Je lui fais un gros bisou.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  6. Oh my goodness - this is yet another amazing piece! I just love it!! I love the distortions. Beautiful :0) And that cake looks yummy - although if my son ate anything that colour, I am sure he'd be bouncing off the walls, lol! :0)

  7. Love the blues, and their movement within the painting. This will be stunning when finished.

  8. Carrie!! This is fantastic so far. It's going to be a gorgeous piece. I SO look forward to your next post!! It's hard to believe Steven is celebrating yet another birthday...He's a cutie and getting so big!!!

  9. That's a painting? I thought it was a photo. Oh My! You could have fooled me. You are good. I'm simply amazed.