Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Baaaccckkk!! :)

Hi Everyone,
"Pears" original watercolor on paper by Carrie Waller 5" x 7"

Did you miss me? :)  I have certainly missed you guys.  It feels like an eternity since I've been blogging on a consistent basis and even longer since I've made my rounds to see what you guys are up to. 

It's been an extremely busy summer, between moving and trips.  I am very thankful to have my family back all together in one place and thrilled to be settling in to our new house.  I'll post pics soon:)

This weeks painting is one I finished up from a demo at the workshop I held earlier this summer.  My goofy sense of humor makes me want to title this one "Fat Bottom Pears" because the entire time I was painting this the song "Fat Bottom Girls" kept running through my head.  But I restrained:) The photo of this painting is not the best.  I'm struggling to find the perfect place to photograph my work in our new home.  I'll have to bust out my fluorescent lights and see if they help. 

Here is a work in progress picture I'm sharing of a larger painting that I'm working on.  It's 18" x 28".  It's a really refreshing painting to work on during this heat wave we've been having:) 

On the home front Steven just celebrated his 6th birthday this week.  He got to choose anywhere he wanted to go to dinner for his b-day.  He chose to celebrate at home with Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm pretty sure he's the only 6 year old in the history of 6 year olds to request a jello mold in lieu of a birthday cake.  We did go have frozen yogurt later that night, it made me feel better:)

So happy to be getting back into my groove.  I'll swing by and visit your blogs this week.



  1. Yes - of course you were missed! It's great to have you back in blog land and with such a fantastic painting to share!
    The WIP already looks mind blowing - I zoomed in on it and it looks incredibly complex!
    Hmm... about that heatwave! Could you please send a little over here? We have had nothing but rain since January here apart from around two weeks. it's unusual because we live in the South of England and usually we do get quite nice summer weather. Not this year though. Flood warnings galore!
    I love Stevens Jelly cake! What a great idea! I might do the same for Charlie - I reckon he'd LOVE that! :0)

  2. Welcome back great to see you blogging. Your pears are sweet (yes, it's a pun). And I agree with Sandra that your latest painting looks way complicated but of course we all know how fantastic it will be when finished. I want to wish Steven a very Happy Birthday.... They sure look like they are both enjoying it. Jello.....hmmm, you might just have something there for a new birthday ?cake? :) I'm not surprised that you'd be the one to start a trend.

  3. I love these pears. I think you should title the painting "Fat Bottom Girls". That's too cute!

  4. SO glad to have you back Carrie!! :)) Of course we missed you!! Your paintings are gorgeous and the WIP is STUNNING!! So exciting. :)) Steven is so cute, hope he had a happy birthday. My kids requested me to make them the exact same cake for nearly three years in a row! I love that you let him choose a jello mold.

    ANd yes with Virginia! FAT BOTTOM GIRLS!!

  5. Yes!! We miss you pretty!! and to celebrate your arrive... I'm going to put some of your watercolors on my blog

  6. We are definitely happy to see you back, Carrie!! the first painting of the pears are wonderful....the second watercolor looks like a winner...and complicated..BUT not for you!!! Steven looks so big already!

  7. Ooohhh - welcome back! Glad that you are all moved - looking forward to seeing pictures of the house!

    Love the pears, but now I have "Fat Bottomed Girls" playing in my head, too! ;-)

    And as for the jello mold - I have a now-10-year-old who also makes unusual requests for his birthday "cake". This year it was cinnamon rolls!

  8. We missssssssssed you sooooooooo much! (I was checking your blog twice a day for updates :-P. Anyway, it's understandable since your hubby is finally back and you guys just had the big move... I'm curious for how you like Little Rock so far!

    The new painting looks stunning. I love the soothing blue patterns of reflection. Still don't know how you do them -- I tried to paint cut crystal patterns, only a simple one, but it still gave me a headache... And I could not find where I'm painting after taking a break. You are amazing. Can't wait to see it progress...

  9. Un beau trio que celui de ces poires...
    J'aime beaucoup leurs formes.
    Je suis très admirative du dessin de votre prochaine oeuvre qui déjà prend un merveilleux départ. Je suis à l'affût de voir sa progression. J'espère pouvoir le faire dans les jours à venir, malgré le fait que je risque d'être moins présente sur les blogs en cette période jusqu'à mi-septembre... Mais je ferai alors un petit retour en arrière alors!

    La photo de vos enfant est superbe... Ils semblent si heureux de vivre, c'est bon! Je souhaite un heureux anniversaire à votre bout de choux!

    Gros bisous.

  10. Carrie, it's great to have you back, and yes, I did miss you. :) Your newest painting looks stunning and intriguing already. A belated Happy Birthday to Steven - he looks ecstatic in the photo. And I hope life is settling in your new home.

  11. Happy Birthday Steven! Wow! That is TOO funny he picked a jello mold in lieu of cake AND Thanksgiving dinner! LOL! Boys are awesome!

  12. Glad to see you back, Carrie. Hope you've rested up a little after the last frantic months. To have your family all together must be the best feeling in the world. Loved the jello ... he's got a mind of his own!

    The pears look good enough to eat!

    Welcome back!