Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridlewood Arabesque

"Bridlewood Arabesque" 6" x 8" original watercolor on 260lb Arches by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

I finished my 2 part commission and have framed them both.  Now I'm  going to get them delivered before the packers pack them away and whisk them off to Arkansas. 
"Bacchus The Wine God" 6" x 8" original watercolor on 260lb Arches by Carrie Waller
 These are my clients favorite items.  Her favorite wine, which they no longer make, glasses and decanter.  It was great fun to paint the red wine.  I'm always fascinated that there is not a lot of red used to capture a fabulous red.  Such an illusion:), that's one of the things I love about watercolor, so many fabulous layers.

Here are her pieces framed.  My Mom did the framing and they turned out terrific.  We used  a silk mat to really bring out the beautiful colors in the wine.  The frame in person is not so shiny, it's a very nice champagne color that lends itself to gold and silver decor.  I love this frame because it can look traditional and contemporary.  I use this frame a lot.

Have a fabulous week.  During my move I'll most likely only be posting on Monday and Friday's.  Wish us luck:))




  1. Well as I sat on the computer opposite my husband at work, he asked me why I was shaking my head. I said that it was in disbelief at these paintings. So he came over to have a look and stared at them with me for a while. Then I laughed because he also began shaking his own head. Need I say any thing else? I just feel in utter awe :0)

  2. absolutely breathtaking carrie! your client must be thrilled.

  3. Beautiful paintings and beautiful frames. Good luck in your move!

  4. Just fabulous -- stunning is the word for them. I am speechless. Love, love, love the sparkles!

  5. Oh Wow! Carrie - these are stunning. Your clients are going to be SO happy. The choice of frames is perfection! ... so easy to get that final step wrong.

    Hope the 'Move' isn't too painful - one part of being Military we don't miss. :0)

  6. Gorgeous painting, Carrie! Your client will definitely be thrilled with it!!! LOVE IT!!!

  7. Those are such gorgeous, elegant paintings Carrie. it has your signature all over it! So, inquiring minds want to know. . . what colors do you use to get those reds?? Seriously beautiful Carrie. Like, seriously seriously. :)) Good luck with the move!! I'll be sending you good vibes and virtual cupcakes!

  8. Deux peintures absolument magnifique... j'en reste muette d'admiration. J'aime particulièrement celle avec les deux verres de vin...
    Un magnifique travail.
    Rien de plus convivial que de trinquer avec un verre de vin ?!... Je trinque ma chère à vos prochaines merveilleuses peintures.
    Gros bisous à vous et merci de nous enchanter.

  9. Beautiful paintings Carrie. They look amazing all framed up. Isn't it fun to see the "finished products" like that? Really lovely! Good luck with the move.

  10. Stunning, Carrie! I can't believe how beautifully you capture light. Simply amazing...

  11. Absolutely fabulous Carrie! You're the Queen of reflections!