Monday, May 7, 2012

Bacchus The Wine God

SOLD "Bacchus The Wine God" original watercolor on paper 6" x 8" by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

Today I have part 1 of a 2 part painting commission.  It was fun to paint red wine.  My client brought me her favorite wine and accoutrements and I photographed them.  I presented several photos and they picked out their favorite reference photos.  I'll also be framing these for them so I'll share the pictures of the frames after it's all put together.

Here are the work in progress pics.  Thought I'd share my process:)

 Now on to the second painting.



  1. Wow Carrie, this is going to be amazing! I am painting the very same subject in oils as we speak. I'd be interested to hear which colours you have used for your wine? My main two are Alizarin Crimson and Burnt Umber, but now I need an even darker tone so I will use a touch of green for this, one I have used elsewhere in the painting - unless you have a better suggestion? :0)

  2. "Look not upon the wine whilst it is red..." unless Carrie is painting it. So lifelike I can smell it :0)


  3. Une très belle vision de l'évolution de votre travail... Bacchus peut en être fier !
    gros bisous

  4. WOW...OUTSTANDING piece, Carrie!!! So rich in color!!!

  5. Another fabulous Waller painting! Carrie, it's just awesome.

  6. As always, such a beautiful painting, Carrie.

  7. Wow!!! That is exquisite!!!

    It literally makes my jaw drop... You are really a master of painting glass now!!!

    I have tons of questions regarding this one:

    1. What did you use for the really dark shapes in this one? It seems to granulate a little bit... I like that effect!

    2. On the inner neck of the bottle, the soft edges of the dark shapes are really lovely. Are those painted wet in wet?

    3. At the bottom of the bottle, the big red shape has a lot of interesting details inside it. Did you paint the big shape in red (in layers) then paint the darker shapes inside, or did you do the dark shapes, then layer the red on top of them to integrate the whole shape?

    4. (This one is actually about the "Great Balls of Fire" painting) When you paint a lot of intricate, almost puzzle-like shapes next to each other, how do you keep yourself from getting lost or confused? Do you map out the dark pieces first then paint the bright, light colored shapes next to them, or do you start from light ones and put in the darks last?

    Sorry to come up with so many questions each time. This is such a beautiful painting. Makes me want to own it too...

  8. Great composition. You always do such a good job arranging your still lifes. And like I've said before, you are amazing with reflections! Keep doin' what you're doin'! :)

  9. Hi again! Am just back to show my husband your amazing painting! He thinks it is awesome too :0)

  10. I love what you achieve with water colors. Such vibrant bold colors really make the work come alive. I also love that you show your process. Thanks so much!

  11. Beautiful!! Love how you used the limited palette that Pedro Campos, Steve Smulka and othe hyper realist painters are favoring these days!

  12. me deja de piedra tu dedicacion y estilo. enhorabuena
    un saludo.

  13. You have a true gift - ahhh-mazing!!! Thank you for sharing tips and your beautiful work with us!