Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workshop Wednesday Round Up: Getting your grove on, prescription drugs and spiders--What?

My fabulous workshop attendees.  What a fun group, we even managed to learn some things in all the fun:)  It was a great day!
 Thought I would recap my workshop from last week.  We had a great time and I had some fabulous students.  This was a 1 day workshop and we focused on painting glass.  I did 2 demos one of the 3 bottles which I will share on this blog when it is completed and I did a demo on painting raised lettering in glass, a cropped version of "Retro Pop" that I shared on Monday.

In addition to demoing I shared 2 videos one was a compilation of my works and the other was a step by step video of "Retro Pop".  I also talked about my favorite tools and paints.

Check out these bottles:)
The ladies did a fabulous job!
Here is my supply list for my workshops.  
Group shot of one side of the room
The other side of the room.  We had a great studio that we were painting in.

I also learned some new things from the ladies in my workshop.  I think that is one of the favorite parts for me I always ending up learning so much.

One of the ladies uses old prescription bottle lids to hold he paints on her palette.  She puts a little masking tape on the bottom to hold them in place on the palette, genius.

And Diane Ziemski told me about Groove Book.  You can get 100 photos from your i pad , iPhone or Facebook printed for $2.99 a month.  They even bind them in a cute little book, the pages are even perforated if you want to take them out and share them with your friends and family.  Awesome!!!!

I also learned about the Spider iPad holder from Diane.  I paint from my iPad as my reference photo and this would come in so handy.  It's also good for holding it in place in the car and other places.



  1. Wow, sure sounds like you all had a great time and learned so much. The ladies did do a wonderful job on their paintings. Thanks so much for sharing the fun.

  2. GREAT POST! Looks like fun, too. All the best to all the students ; )

  3. Thanks for sharing! The Spider is a must, going to get one!