Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday: Large Rainbow Bottles

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I'm working on my large version of rainbow bottles.  Below is a small section that I painted as a 6x9 version.  The above painting is much larger 17ish by 35ish.  Makes it a little difficult to get great wip pictures.  I'm on the shorter side and I'll have to pull out  my step stool to get some straight on pictures.

6"x9" first painting in my rainbow bottle series
I'm chomping at the bit to go paint so I'll see you Friday for the Friday Feature and check back in Monday to see if I have this painting finished.  I have a gallery show coming up on May 9th, so I'll pretty much be painting at lightening speed until then.

Oh and Jerry's Artarama made me their featured fan art of the week.  How cool is that:))
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  1. I love seeing your works in progress...what a job!!! You are amazing. Congrats on getting to be Jerry's Artarama featured fan of the week! Very cool!

  2. Can't wait to see all the colors of the rainbow in this piece, Carrie! Love the distant tree for interest too. Congrats on the Jerry's Artarama coup!

  3. Congratulations for the fan art contest! It is well deserved. :-)

    Love the new bottle series! My question: are these different colored bottles, or clear bottles with rainbow colored liquid? Did you use paint dissolved in water to create these beautiful colored liquid?

    Can't wait to see the progress!