Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi Everyone,
Carrie Waller
Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger buddies that celebrate the Holiday!  I hope you are enjoying your tryptophan high:)

I thought I would take a moment to tell all of you how thankful I am for your friendship, support and comments.  It means the World to me and keeps me going.  You motivate me and keep me on track!  I am so thankful for all of you:)
"Illuminated Pumpkins" original watercolor on paper 24 x 30 BUY NOW
Crystal Cook and I started a challenge and this month was our first entry.  Our theme was "Being Thankful".  Here is my answer to the challenge.  Read about this painting here.
"Pumpkin Pie" 4.5" x 4.5" $95 Buy Now
Click here to see Crystal's answer to the challenge.

See you Friday for the Friday Feature,



  1. They are both AMAZING paintings! And equally, I am very grateful for your ongoing support and kindness too. It's sad that we don't have a Thanks Giving in the UK, but anyway happy Thanks Giving to you! :0)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Carrie.....good thoughts and prayers for you and yours. We don't need anyone to tell us to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, it is any day our loved ones are all safe. God bless!

  3. I wish you and you family a most wonderful Thanksgiving. It is always a pleasure, Carrie, to read your blog and savor your paintings.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Carrie to you and your family! I love your paintings and love your posts and always look forward to your gorgeous paintings!!

  5. Love reading your blog Carrie and viewing your amazing work. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  6. Beautiful painting, Carrie - the pie looks yummy :) You lost me there on the tryptophan, but thanks to Google I have been enlightened ... and I thought it was the liquid stuff that made me drowsy! We will be getting our high over here in the UK in just over a month :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving sunflower' girl ! Bises.