Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy Apple Red

Hi Everyone,
'Candy Apple Red' original watercolor on paper copyright 2011 Carrie Waller BUY NOW
Today I have a delightfully, delicious, subject:)  I have been wanting to paint candy apples all Summer.  Fall came speeding towards me and I thought, good I'll see if I can pick some up at the store to paint.  Well, I was disappointed because they always have to ruin a good shiny apple with the addition of peanuts.  So in the name of art I had to figure out how to make some.  Steven was my Soux Chef.  We made an entire batch of absolutely beautiful to look at but break your teeth off if you ate them candy apples.  I photographed them ad nauseaum in every kind of light and configuration, decorated with them in my kitchen for a week and then deposited them in the garbage.  Hope you like my 'Candy Apple Red'
Steven's Fall pic 8.5 x 11 crayon on paper (See his tree and all of the leaves at the bottom)

Steven's original watercolor on paper 8.5 x 11.  This one is a little more abstract, see all of shapes at the bottom.
Steven was in the swing of things and has 2 lovely artworks to contribute to our post.  He is at the age now where he starting to get frustrated if he can't get his artworks to represent something instead of just throwing down his colors in an abstracted way.  It is interesting to watch the journey of a young artist.

Have a great Monday, everyone.

See you Wednesday:)



  1. Absolutely gorgeous painting and enjoyed reading your post. I can see Steven enjoyed being your artist mate too. I enjoyed seeing his work and especially like those trees - they are delightful.

  2. I love this one Carrie. Making your own candied apples is true dedication to your art, especially since you didn't even eat them. How did you keep the boys away from them? That sound like torture to me. : )
    Tell Steven I really like both of his paintings.

  3. This is mouth watering art. I am amazed by how you get so rich colors..
    And I love Steven's abstract work as always.

  4. Loving the black, white and red of this painting. Your candy apples are perfectly shiny if not edible. Like the composition of this too.
    Love Steven's work. Sad when they age enough to become critical of their work.

  5. Oh Carrie, you've painted one of my favorite treats. I just love candy apples and used to eat them every chance I got when I was younger. Still a sweet treat once in a blue moon. True story - I was visiting a patient one fall when a carnival planted itself next to her apartment building. I mentioned how I loved the candy apples and when I returned for my visit next week she presented me with a big shiny candy apple as a gift for taking such good care of her. Now it was a true labor of love for her to get over to that carnival to buy that for me and I treasured it. Something I will never forget.

  6. Just gorgeous Carrie. Love that shine you've gotten and the bits of red in the glass. It's awesome. :)))) And isn't that interesting about kids and their art. At the last parent teacher conference my six year old son's teacher (whom I love, but believe is misguided about art) told me that he was doing exceptionally well in every subject except for one. Coloring. She was upset at his tendency to color outside of the lines and draw and color abstract pieces instead of triangular trees and square houses. This after an entire summer of me and my boy going to art museums and looking online at abstract artists and trying to encourage him in every way possible that abstract art was truly good! I was majorly ticked. My husband was afraid I was going to attack that poor woman!

    Anyways. . . Long comment short. LOVE Stephen's work, LOVE your work. :)

  7. Love the glaze on those apples. It still looks almost liquid, pouring over the apple and puddling underneath. Fabulous job!

    Love Steven's artwork, too!

  8. Very cool painting! I really like how you cropped the apples.

  9. Hummm! des pommes d'amour!... belle réussite.
    Un merveilleux travail de lumière sur le sucre qui enveloppe vos pommes.
    Toutes mes félicitations également au jeune artiste!
    gros bisous à vous.

  10. YUMMY!!! They are divine-looking, Carrie! And you even created your own models!

  11. Amazingly yummy painting. Love the glazey shine you captured. Not only can you paint but you can make gorgeous candy apples too!! Wonderful detail on the glass plate. Just overall wonderful!
    Love Stephens work too! Tell him to just have fun and enjoy the process:):):)

  12. Absolutely beautiful, Carrie. The reflections in the candy apples and the rich colors are so perfectly painted...what can I say!! I love it. I also love the encouragement you give to Steven! keep it up, Mom.!

  13. I have been away for a few days and seem to have missed so much! This painting is truly amazing and my mouth is actually watering! Who doesn't love a toffee apple and on such a beautifil plate too. I love everything about it :0)

  14. Steven - well I have tried and tried to pick a favorite of the two but I just can't. They are both lovely and such nice colours too :0)

  15. SPECTACULAR WORK!!! these are just such a treat, so beautifully done carrie!! i used to love these, and now i do again! bravo!!!