Monday, December 2, 2013

CYBER MONDAY SALE, Backlit Beauties, and other news

Hi Everyone,

I'm so happy to announce my first ever  CYBER MONDAY SALE.  Please take a look:)

I have available paintings up to 50% off:)

I also am getting read for a gallery show tomorrow at Local Colour Gallery in Little Rock.

I've been working a little more with gold leaf.  I'm titling this piece "Backlit Beauties".  I photographed these gorgeous red pears in the beautiful golden sun and I thought that the gold leaf would be the perfect thing to set them off.

"Backlit Beauties" 10" x 20" watercolor with 22k gold leaf background
Here it is in it's frame.  It's so hard to photograph gold leaf.

And I thought I would show you this view so you can see a bit of the scale.
I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day (for those of you in the US).  I can not believe it's Dec. 2.  We'll have to start writing 2014 before we blink.



  1. The pears are gorgeous, Carrie! I so love that easel. I saw one once in an antique store and I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying it. Not sure why; I have no room for it and my paintings are just not worthy of such a beautiful piece.

  2. Carrie: you are soooooooooo clever. I love the gold leaf background…did it myself a couple years ago and had a time of it with the flaking and flying. It would get easier with practice. So here's what I love: the pear painting, the easel and your cyber sale. I think you must be very, very successful.

  3. Wow - those pears are stunning against that gold backdrop!! And it looks so powerful in that frame! :0)

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    1. stunning work Carrie. I did have a copyright question but figured it out on my own. Happy Holidays!