Monday, November 18, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

Hi Everyone,

"The Night Before Christmas, In Texas That Is" 6" x 6" watercolor by Carrie Waller
Today I'm sharing a couple of new Christmas paintings:)))))  I think I have another one or two up my sleeve before it's all over this year.

When we were moving this summer I found this childhood book of mine, "The Night Before Christmas, In Texas That Is".  I knew that it would be the inspiration for this years painting.  I knew immediately that I wanted to find a glass cowboy boot to put the milk in, do they make those?  I stopped in at my local antique store that day and what did I find, a glass cowboy boot.  It was fate!!!  I was just about to make some star cookies to complete my set up and I found a box of star cookies at the grocery store--yay, made that easier and they had white frosting, I was going to do a gold color but I love the monochromatic quality of this piece with that pop of gold and red.  Anyway, why Texas you ask? I plan on doing a series of these Christmas paintings based on places I've lived and even though I was born in Indiana we only lived there for a year before moving to Texas.  Sooooo most of my early memories are of the Lone Star State.  Are any of you Big Bang Theory fans?  I get such a kick out of the fact that Sheldon is from Texas, he'll start singing songs from Texas that I had to learned in grade school, just love that!!  Living in Texas you learn songs like, "Deep In the Heart of Texas" and "The Yellow Rose of Texas".  You also learn how to "Texas Two Step" in the first grade and how to square dance.   When I was a kid I was fascinated that it was illegal to pick blue bonnets the Texas state flower and was worried I would accidentally pick one an end up in jail:)  I have very fond memories of my Texas upbringing (we lived in Dallas and Houston in case you were interested:)
Here I am in my Texas gear, I think it's state law that you own a cowboy hat:))
The second Christmas painting that I did was a smaller version of a painting that I did a few years ago.  It's slightly different but I just love this composition.  I think it was a huge help that I had painted this larger the first time, made all of those details like the balls on the candlewick dish and glass and the powdered sugar so much easier with this smaller scale.  This one is just alive with Holiday cheer:))
"The Night Before Christmas" 6" x 6" watercolor by Carrie Waller
Have a great week everyone:)



  1. I am so much seeing Sam in your face there! And, really love you theme and composition in this one, my friend!

  2. Oh how cute you are in that photo!! Adorable!!!
    You Christmas paintings are SO beautiful! They have a vintage feel about them, which of course I LOVE! Such amazing work! :0)

  3. Love the paintings and love the backstory! What an interesting life…and the adventure continues. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  4. So SWEET...
    The 2 paintings are awesome, Too!!!!

  5. They both are wonderful Carrie. Can you believe what time of year it is? I hope you are all healthy and safe.

  6. You inspire me. I have yet to get in the Christmas mood. Love you work.

  7. Oh Carrie!! These are both just so exquisite and so full of Christmas joy and spirit that it is contagious! I so love the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year, but Christmas is always the most special of all!

  8. Carrie, I used to worry that I'd end up in jail if I accidentally picked a poppy in California. So comforting to know that I wasn't alone in my childhood fears.

    I'm dying to know how you get your lettering so perfect! These paintings are fabulous, as is all your work.