Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Norman Rockwell and Eureka Springs

artist Norman Rockwell
Over Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Bentonville, AR and Eureka Springs.  It was the last weekend for the Norman Rockwell at the Crystal Bridges Museum.  I'm so glad we went it was an amazing exhibit.  unfortunately they didn't allow pictures to be taken but I snuck a couple.  The above picture is not particularly a fav of mine but I wanted to point out that there were a hand full of oil paintings under glass.  I encountered this at the National Gallery as well.  The watercolor artist in me just wanted to share that oil paintings don't last forever and do have to be protected some times.  

The exhibit was large and they had  ipads you could borrow with headphones to listen to commentary by one of his sons and some of the models in his paintings.  It was terrific to hear the stories behind the paintings.  Norman Rockwell painted every day and only took Thanksgiving and Christmas off and sometimes snuck into the studio on those days.  

Looking forward to the Georgia O'Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz exhibit in November.

Below I'm sharing some of my favorite paintings from the museum.  It's a beautiful museum and highly encourage you to visit.

"The Lantern Bearers" artist Maxfield Parrish 
"Capri Girl" artist John Singer Sargent

"Summer Day" artist Frank Weston Benson
"Summertime" artist Mary Cassatt

The boys inside Crystal Bridges

Eureka Springs

The historic loop in Eureka Springs

All over Eureka Springs were areas where the springs run through.  They were gorgeous areas.

A caterpillar

The boys:)

See you Friday



  1. I just LOVE days out like this! And I'm so glad you snuck in some photo's too. I wonder if yours will be amongst them soon... :0)

    1. That's what happens when you're the photographer:) I think I might have one of me from this weekend:)

  2. I would have loooooved to see that Maxfield Parish and Sargent painting. So cool you got to see this. And that is truly a gorgeous area. I didn't see the caterpillar at first but when I did I was like, AAAHHH!

  3. Carrie, I'm so glad you got to go!! The best thing about my in-laws moving to Bentonville is getting to visit Crystal of THE BEST museums I've ever visited!

    1. Barbara that is a happy coincidence. Are you going back for the O'Keefe exhibit?

    2. I hope so! I saw "Angels and Tomboys" will be there soon, too! We were hoping to come up this summer, but it may be Christmas. Wish we could do both!

  4. Oh I do love the caterpillar! The boys are all cute! Thank you for sharing the artist's paintings, Carrie. I don't get out much so loved seeing them.

    1. Sherry, it's a great museum. Such a beautiful space, can't wait to visit again.

  5. Beautiful exhibit....I have a real weakness for Rockwell and the other artists that are featured below!Lucky you!