Monday, June 10, 2013

Having A Ball, Again:)

"Having A Ball, Again" 6" x 6" SOLD watercolor by Carrie Waller
I revisited my ball jars again for this commissioned piece.  I had fun saturating the colors even more than in the "Preservation" painting.  These are both from the same reference photo I just played with the color.   I love seeing how many gorgeous colors I can get reflecting and pouring through these vessels.
"Preservation" 14.5" x 20 watercolor by Carrie Waller  available for sale
I've had some recent sales.  So happy to have my art going to happy homes:)

SOLD "Summer Kaleidoscope" watercolor by Carrie Waller

SOLD "Hemingway" watercolor by Carrie Waller


  1. Beautiful whiskey or honey color coming through these jars. And congratulations on the sales, Carrie.

  2. Congratulations on your sales Carrie! That's wonderful news! Some day I want top own an original Carrie Waller and also a Crystal Cook painting... It will happen one day :0)
    Your newest Ball Jars painting is gorgeous! :0)

  3. You are the glass queen, Carrie! You know I love your jars paintings and this one is beautiful, too!