Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Everything is in progress.  I wish I could add some hours to the day or maybe extend December by about a month, how does that sound to you:))

I'm doing a larger version of a 6x6 I did for Randy Higbee's show.  This is 11 x 14 and rectangular.

This is the 6x6 "Summer Kaleidoscope" original watercolor by Carrie Waller  

My Christmas decorating is also a work in progress.  I'm beginning to think the pumpkins add a certain charm:))



  1. Hi Carrie. I look forward to seeing the painting in the longer, larger format. As for the pumpkins, you could always paint them red with green trim. :)

  2. Ha ha!! Pumpkins DO add a certain charm. :) I love both versions Carrie, this is one of my favorites of yours. Such beautiful light and colors!

  3. I love the Pumpkins too! It's such a lovely time of the year isn't it?
    And I so enjoy seeing your works in progress. It already looks amazing :0)

  4. I think your painting will be beautiful in a bigger format.
    It's easy to get the decorations up there and impossible to put them away.