Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Feature: Frank Eber

"Donaufahrt" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 Hi Everyone,  It's Friday again.  For all of us in the States we're getting ready for Turkey Day!!!  Today is another spectacular artist Mr. Frank Eber!  His work is amazing!  I'm going to share Frank's bio from his website.

  Frank Eber is a young, up-and-coming watercolor artist who paints uniquely fresh and atmospheric watercolors that possess a dreamy quality. He is known for his loose and magical plein air work. He is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and has won awards in many international shows. Frank's painting Dordogne River Valley View, 2011, was awarded the Alden Bryan Memorial Medal at the prestigious American Watercolor Society's 2012 Annual Exhibition in New York City, and is currently in the Travel Show. His work is featured in the October/November 2012 issue of International Artist magazine, the June 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine, Splash 14: Light and Color! (North Light Books, 2013) and on the cover of the Palos Verdes Art Center Fall classes and Daniel Smith 2012 Summer catalogs.

Frank grew up in Europe and was mentored by Italian master painter Renato Casaro in the early '90s. His work is currently exhibited in local as well as national shows and he currently serves as the 2nd Vice President (Traveling Exhibit) on the board of the National Watercolor Society. His love of travel has given him prime opportunities to paint: he lived for two years in the south of France, and has painted on location in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Frank is happily married and lives in Redondo Beach, California.

To see more of his work visit his website and blog
"Les Toits" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 How did you get your start?  What your artistic journey so far?

 My artistic journey began in early childhood. Drawing and painting was always part of my life. But I never pursued a carreer in fine art. Instead I became a professional illustrator in the field of video cover sleeve design in the early nineties. Later I pursued a career in Faux finishing. I haven't discovered watercolor until about ten year's ago.
Also in the nineties, I was fortunate to have studied with Renato Casaro in Munich. He is an Italian master painter who became famous in Europe for his painted movie posters. I did a painting apprenticeship and we worked both in oils and gouache. Other than that, I have no formal art training.

Where were you born?

I was born in Nuremberg, in the state of Bavaria, Germany - Albrecht Duerer is from the same city!

"Santa Cruz Church" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 If you could live anywhere where would you live?

I think I would move back to the south of France where I've lived for three years in the past. I might still do it!

 What is your favorite thing to paint?
 I can't decide! I like painting streets scenes plein air. It's such a formidable challenge and a great teacher! I love painting bucolic scenes with cows and farms, maybe because I grew up around them.

"Satrocesk Trdlo" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 Could you discuss your painting techniques?

 All my paintings are two or three wash paintings. I usually start with the sky and foreground establishing mood and value. I use big squirrel mops that hold lots of water. My paintings are painted loosely and with focus on an
atmospheric feel. I try not to have too many hard edges, so I paint mostly wet on wet and wet on damp.

 What are your go to paint colors?

 Go-to paints are definitely Cobalt blue, ultramarine violet, orange and turquoise, Daniel Smith is great, so is Holbein and Schmincke.
"Cow Pasture, Northern California" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 Do you have a favorite artist? Who are your painting inspirations?

Renato Casaro. Joseph Zbukvic is one of my biggest inspiration when it comes to watercolor painting. Also, Christopher St. Leger, Robert Wade and Charles Reid

What have been some of your crowning achievements?

"Three's A Crowd" original watercolor by Frank Eber
Winning one of the major awards at the American Watercolor Society in NYC this year. Becoming a signature member of the National Watercolor Society in 2010. Having a painting accepted at the Shanghai Biennial.
Being featured in both Watercolor Artist's magazine and International Artist without paying to be in there.

What five things would you love to see happen in the next five years?  Dream big here:)

I'd like to become a better painter. On the materialistic side: a *real* studio with lots of space. I'd like to become a household name in the watercolor world! That's dreaming big, right?
You said five, so I'll say the first sentence two more times! :) To me, that's the most important thing in the world!

"Total Concentration" original watercolor by Frank Eber
  What advice do you have for artists just getting their start?

Keep it real, work hard on your craft. Find a niche. Paint outstanding paintings and you'll get recognized. Compare yourself to the elite in your genre and brutaly, honestly assess where you are. Don't ask you family to critique your paintings.

"Vienna Calling" original watercolor by Frank Eber
 What has been the best advice you've received as an artist?

"Make it about the paintings, everything else is secondary"
"Wilder Ranch" original watercolor by Frank Eber
Speed Round:

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Dream vacation spot?
 New Zealand

Book or movie?
 book -

Favorite Author?
 Raymond Chandler

Favorite Movie?
 Run Lola Run

 Romance or Comedy

Favorite Dessert?
fresh goat cheese (in France)

Morning person or Night Owl?
night owl

Frank, Thank you so much!  Your work is oustanding!



  1. Wonderful feature, Carrie. I almost thought you were featuring Prabal Malik whose work is so similar with the atmospheric quality. Love them both. Blessing to you and yours for a fabulous weekend.

  2. Thank you for discover Frank Eber, a great painting!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. What an amazing Artist - such fabulous use of light! :0)

  4. Unbelievable!!! and a wonderful Friday Feature, Carrie!!
    I love his work but I especially love "Vienna Calling"....Outstanding piece!!!

  5. I thought these paintings were Joseph Zubukvic's! Wow he really has nailed Joseph's atmospheric style! I googled Frank Eber because I saw a workshop this summer that he is teaching and I wasn't familiar with his work. Now I am really going to try to attend. I love this dreamy, loose style.