Monday, April 16, 2012

WIP Ball Jars

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a terrific weekend:)  I'm working on a painting at the moment and for some reason I am so antsy I'm finding it hard to sit down to paint.  I mean I was excited that I had laundry to do this weekend as a distraction from my painting.  That's pretty bad folks, I hate laundry!!

I think a lot of the problem is that I have soooo much to do that I'm having a hard time focusing!  Sometimes I think I self-sabotage just to make my life harder, do you do that?

I'll see you on Wednesday hopefully with a completed painting:)


Just a reminder I have a workshop coming up in Montgomery, Alabama April 23-25.  There are a few slots left click here for more info.


  1. Les tâches ménagères ont le don de venir massacrer nos envies de peindre qui sont alors encore plus fortes ce jour-là !!... je suis heureuse que puissiez prendre du temps pour vous quand même...
    Un magnifique début dans cette dernière peinture que j'ai hâte de voir prochainement encore en pleine progression.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. This one looks awesome already, Carrie! I love your ball jars WIP!! I'm doing laundry right now and not happy that I'm not painting!! LOL. But we have to do these things...its probably a good thing to get away from painting "sometimes" helps us focus better when we step away.

  3. Yes Carrie - that happens to me a lot! Procrastinating! If I was excited about laundry I would know there was a problem, lol! Usually this only happens to me if I am under pressure and it sounds like you are at the moment. But - the difference is that you know your painting will be a successful one when you do get around to doing it! And when you have, you will be so pleased you sat down and made the time :0)
    It already looks to be a winner - Of course it will be!!! Are they full of sweets? Yum!

  4. I've been on about your 'glassware' since I first arrived hereabouts - particularly your jars - so I will look forwards to Wednesday.

    I always have so many things going on that there is always a risk none of them will get finished.

    I still can't get over how quickly you, and the other painters, can get a picture finished. I'm 30+ hours into 'The Poets' Corner' and still only half finished ... that's Show Biz!

  5. Ohhhh, yes, I do. I just reorganized my entire studio AND did all my laundry :). Kudos to you for committing to Wednesday. I look forward to another beautiful piece of your art, Carrie.

  6. Carrie, it is hard for me to believe. You seem so disciplined and organized, I couldn't imagine you getting distracted. I could never attempt the subjects and detail that you do. I love seeing your paintings and I am really enjoying the Friday interviews. You are doing a lot!

  7. Carrie- I just love your jars! Can't wait to see this one finished. I don't know how you do all that you do- and now teaching workshops- Yay for you! Would love to come learn how to paint with watercolors from you and will do that one day:) Take care and just take one thing at a time:):)

  8. THis is going to be SO gorgeous! I LOVE the colors you have in there and I'm curious about what it's reflecting to make it so different from your others. Can't wait till tomorrow!! You are doing great, everything will come together just perfectly for you, even if you do have to struggle a bit to get there. :)

  9. Oh, I can't wait to see your finished piece, Carrie....I just know it will be beautiful. I too have been know to self-sabotage and even lost a good job because of it and things will never be the same. Fortunately for me I've turned things around and I do believe things are going to be even better. Be positive, Carrie, and believe you will rise above that which you feel is holding you back. Blessings!