Monday, September 13, 2010

Sneak Peek Halloween still life

watercolor on paper work in progress 18 x 24
I may be rushing things, trying to usher in Fall, even though it's still in the triple digits here.   But I'm having so much fun with the Artists Helping Artists monthly challenge that I'm bubbling over with ideas for each months paintings.  So you will probably be seeing Fall and Christmas paintings in the near future.  Just consider me like every other retail giant that already has their Holiday decor in place:)  This still life is so fun to paint, and in Sam's eyes (my 1 yr old) it is a success.  He climbed up to look at it and was highly irate when he couldn't get the large candy corn off of the page.

Steven is a busy school going dude these days, so I thought I'd share his pages from class.  I can always spot Steven's a mile away.  He's the only on in his class that colors the entire object.  Most other kids have a soft scribble here and there, but not Steven his colors are bold and bright and placed with confidence:)

Also don't forget to enter into Crystal Cook's fabulous contest, to win a free painting.  To enter click here, and please mention that I sent you:)

I hope everyone has a terrific week.  Thanks to everyone that is leaving comments, it's just terrific.  I love reading each and every one!!!!

Until next week,



  1. Carrie that is simply AWESOME!! I LOVE those colors and the pattern of that striped cloth is just brilliant. It's going to be so cool when it's done :) I love how your colors are so bright and full of depth.

    Aww, Steven's work looks so great! I love those papers they bring home.

    And today I'm starting a Halloween painting myself. I think I'm going to do their monthly challenge too. :)

  2. looks great. hard to believe fall is almost here.

  3. Wow, this is going to be another terrific painting! Can't wait.

    And it looks like your son has inherited his mother's talents!

  4. Crystal, Sarah, Carol and Virginia, Thank you so much for your comments. I'm having so much fun painting this one, the colors really pop off the page. Can't wait to finish it:)

  5. This painting is looking great. Love the striped work and the colour combinations.

  6. Carrie, this painting promises to be magnificent!
    Congratulations to small Steven. It is an asset the art in the life.
    Enjoy with colors Carrie !Kind regards.

  7. Wow what a treat! This one is wild and I bet when you are done those stripes will haunt you!

  8. Olivia, thanks so much! I do think that art is extremely important and I want to expose my boys to as much of it as I can.

    pve, such a spooktacular comment:) There is a lot of truth to the stripes haunting me, they do start to move on me the longer I stare at them!

  9. Love your work! And those stripes - wow!! It's been fun exploring your blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! :-)

  10. Amazing sneak peak...
    Looks like your little one is following in your footprints...

  11. This is such a wonderful start to a great painting. You have patience with all those stripes, not to mention an accurate hand. Really liking the palette choices going on here.