Monday, September 20, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Halloween still life)

watercolor on paper 17 x 22
So my boys were really excited about this still life, can you imagine why?  Steven, my 4 yr old, couldn't wait until I was done photographing this one, so he could get his hands on the loot, and Sam, my 1 yr old, could not understand why he couldn't get the giant candy corns off of the watercolor paper.   The whole thing is very fun and Halloweeny!  I'm going to use this as my October entry for the Artists Helping Artists, monthly painting challenge.  The challenge inspired me to do themed paintings for each month, the idea being that at the end of a year you have art to put in a calendar. In addition to that I think it's pretty great to have revolving art.  How fun to keep it fresh and have 12 months art. 

Don't forget to check out my incredibly talented friend Crystal Cook's blog.   She is having a fantastic contest where she is giving away an 8 x 10 watercolor portrait of your choice, click here for details. Also, please let her know that I sent you her way:)

Steven is still on a crayon kick, since school started.  Here is his latest creation.  It looks like there is a red heart, too cute.  On another note, I'm probably the only Mom at preschool that was running late this morning because the light was great in my kitchen window and I had to photograph my newest still life.  Oh, well, Steven will have something to talk to his therapist about when he's older:)

Thank you to everyone again for all the great comments and support.  I also have some new followers, Welcome!!!

See everyone next week,



  1. I LOVE this Carrie!!! Such a cool design, and those bright colors contrast so well with the black and white cloth. :):) Very nice!

    And thanks again for that nice shout out friend :):)

  2. I really like this painting. How you managed to paint that fabric without getting confused is completely beyond me! :)

  3. Wow, Carrie...........fantastic watercolor. So much like a photo it's mind-boggling. How many hours did you put into this one?

  4. Wonderful painting and love the challenge. Steven's Gallery is delightful.

  5. Wow,wonderful superb sketch...I love this still life carrie,and stevens paintings are beautiful convey my regard to him..
    take care

  6. Carrie, your painting is crazy with line and contrast and color. Wow! How did you not go a little cross-eyed painting it? I am so impressed with the Lovely candy in the silver bowl. What a fun, unusual still life you created. And such a good one to dismantle. I don't wonder that the boys were waiting with impatience for you to finish taking photos of it!

  7. Very incredible! Carrie, you must have the patience of Job to pull this off so masterfully! Is that a candy corn I see in Steven's piece? Awesome!

  8. Hi Carrie, I finally after a long time viewing your blog. I must say I am thrilled thy beautiful still life watercolors. They are incredibly color-balanced and wonderfully sophisticated. Just beautiful. This last still life, I especially like black and white stripes are my favorite. And in combination with a silver dish looks gorgeous. Very you managed to express the materials. Steven also painting me very happy. Bye everyone nicely. I look forward to for some time to come again to visit your site.

  9. That is an intense work! I would have lost my patience for all that detail, but maybe the sugar would have kicked in and kept me going!

  10. Carrie, the challenge was to keep(preserve) your intact subject if I well understood everything.
    The result of your watercolor is very successful. Candies are very slightly acid and brilliant. They tempt to crunch them. The black and white fund emphasizes them. I want one licorice...
    Kind regards.

  11. This is absolutely amazing! Not only the striped cloth, but the reflection of the cloth in the silver! I love it!

  12. Crystal Thanks lady, always love to read whatcha got to say:)

    Amatheya, it is truly miraculous that I didn't paint two black stripes together. Thanks for your comments.

    Carol, Thanks! I'm not sure how many hours, you know you just grab them when you can, in between diapers, and baths and preschool drop off and pick up. I worked on it off and on for 2 weeks.

    Pamela Thanks so much, Steven and I both appreciate your comments!

    Anudeepa, Thank you for your comments. I will tell Steven that you like his work:) We both lobe that you visited our blog.

    Elizabeth, Thanks! It is pretty crazy, my Mom described it as a Halloween kaleidoscope. The boys did have fun dismantling it:)

    Nancy, Thank you! I hadn't noticed the candy corn in Steven's picture, you're very observant:)

    J.B. Welcome back! Hope you had some quality time with your horses. Thanks for stopping by:)

    PVE, Always love to read your comments. Fortunately most of the candy in the dish is not my cup of tea. I will admit I partook in some candy corn:) We still have some jelly beans and licorice.

    Olivia, Thank you for stopping by. Come on over and have some licorice, there's a little left. It's the good kind too--German and Finnish:)

    Virginia, Glad you liked it. I think it's a really fun piece for Halloween.

  13. Beautiful and interesting post. As everyone else has said, I would be crazy trying to do all those stripes! Fantastic composition, you nailed it!

  14. Carrie, a truly fabulous painting. I am amazed and cannot imagine having that patience!

    I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  15. Very nice Carrie, love the abstract design of this piece and the interplay between the black/white and color.

  16. Carrie, you are amazing!! It takes a lot of patience to do a painting like this. Its beautifully done!

  17. I am so glad I found your blog Carrie. Your art is absolutely wonderful. Your boy's art is great too. Keep up guys! Just wait, he'll become your greatest competition soon.
    My dad was whining recently that he cannot get back to landscapes (specifically water) and I had to remind him that he is a great artist; he just needs to do it.. So, when I was a kid he was my inspiration, and now it is my turn :)
    Have a great day!

  18. I really like the graphic nature of your work, your technical proficency and your colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog and just out of did you get there?

  19. Your work is stunning! I am so glad we connected.

  20. You are so talented, and this one is superb..I love when other artists find and comment on my blog, this way I get to see all this wonderful art that I might have missed....

  21. Carrie, your blog is fabulous and this piece is absolutely amazing and fun. I like how you include your kids in your blog, both in your writing and via their art.

  22. Enhorabuena Carrie esta acuarela es maravillosa.
    Saludos desde Sevilla. Jose.

  23. Wow! Love your still life!!


  24. Unbelievable Carrie!

    This must have taken you FOREVER! My gosh, look at all those stripes!

    What a hypnotic layout too! The black and white cloth makes those colorful candies just pop!

    Impressive job on this one, girl!