Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Eggs

Oil on canvas 11 x 14

I painted this bird's nest to go along with my wisteria.  These beautiful blue eggs were in my backyard.  It's actually a sad story.  We are in the process of getting a screened in porch and these a bird made a nest and laid these eggs inside of a brick column that is on our back patio.   Brian noticed that a bird kept going to that spot so he got a ladder out and check and sure enough we found her perfect little eggs.  We decided they should be removed, before they started work on the porch the next day--the nest would be inside the enclosed area.  We were afraid they would be abandoned and we would have babies hatch.  So, Brian moved them to a nest in a bush in our backyard.  I don't think think these eggs ever hatched and as a Mommy myself, it broke my heart a little bit.  The mommy bird kept coming back and checking her nest.  It made me sad to watch her.  

This painting will accompany the wisteria painting, in a nature series.  I'm titling the wisteria painting "Struggling Wisteria"  and my bird's nest painting is named "Blue Eggs".  Both of these subjects are beautiful in their own right even though they never quite made it to their full potential.  The wisteria wasn't bursting  in blooms and the eggs never made it to baby birds.  This really made me stop and think about my own life and how this analogy can be applied.  I am my own worst critic, I'm constantly beating myself up for not being at my full potential, whatever that may be.  I need to take a moment, stop and see the beauty in what is right now.  Maybe my preconceived ideas of "fullest potential" isn't the right way to view things.  My wisteria maybe be struggling and my blue eggs my never hatch, but they are beautiful as they are.  I am looking for a third painting to add to this series, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
 paintings hanging together, just waiting for a 3rd to complete the series

Steven also did a lovely painting.  It's a terrific watercolor.  I love his use of color.

watercolor on paper 8 x 11


  1. What a beautiful painting! You've commemorated the creative efforts of the mother bird in your work. I have a story about a nest on my blog today. It's that time of year.

  2. Truly beautiful painting Carrie. And I love how you applied the analogy to your work. THAT is painting with feeling. I'm not going to offer an idea (other than the fact I am feeling brain dead right now) because I want to see what you will come up with to complete this series. I'm looking forward to it. I totally love the execution of your work and the concept behind it.

    And lovely little painting by Steven :)