Monday, May 24, 2010

Abstract in Blue

 watercolor 12 x 12

This weeks painting is a departure.  I decided to do an exercise that I used to do with my teens when I was teaching art for the Boys and Girls Club.  I decided to just get my paint out and paint my feelings.  I had a pretty rough week last week so it felt appropriate. I'm also working on some commissioned paintings so this freed up a little of my time.  It was fun and frustrating.  I am a control freak which makes letting go and just painting very difficult for me.  I think I have decided that Steven is much better at abstracts. 

Steven has been working on some presents, so we don't have anything of his to post this week.  He's also extremely busy with summer activities and traveling.  Our pool is open so I may never get him to sit down and paint again.

We'll see you next week:)


  1. I love that painting Carrie, it's whispering melancholy to me. I'm sorry you didn't have a better week. Hope things pick up soon.

    Oh, i want to go swimming now!

  2. I find this very soothing, I guess becuase it looks like water. I hope looking at it lifts your spirits!

  3. Thank you both! I love to read your comments. I do find this painting soothing. The entire process was, it was great to paint without an agenda. I think I will do it more often:)

  4. Hi Carrie. I check all of your blog. It's great that you are creating with their son. I think you very closer. Both have very beautiful paintings. I love pictures of plush toys are wonderful. Also, you have great paintings of flowers. This abstraction has beautiful color. I admire anyone who can do watercolor. That for me is like alchemy. Sometimes I do not learn it :-))). You are very clever woman.

  5. Thank you so much J.B. I'm happy to meet you and read your comments. I'm envious that you get to live in such a beautiful country. I enjoy your blog and look forward to being blogging buddies. Keep on creating!

  6. Lovely painting, it emits an enchanted feeling. Enjoy your pool!