Monday, March 15, 2010

Work in Progress

watercolor 16 x 20 In Progress

This week, obviously my painting is not complete. It is taking a very long time. It has a lot of details and I don't want to rush the process. So I will post the completed one when I am finished with it later this week. Since it is in progress I decided to show you the entire process from the beginning.

Steven did a lovely painting this week, which he told me was a very beautiful roller coaster. Very creative!!


  1. Carrie ~ I love the rich colors in this painting. I'm so oblivious to the process, I just thought you used one paint color. Didn't realize the colors are layered over one another. Beautiful!!!! A

    And I LOVE Steven's roller coaster.... so neat to see his paintings; how fun for the two of you!!!

  2. Thanks Wendy, Layers are what watercolors are all about. You just keep building. Also you don't use white paint. Any white or lighter areas are left from the beginning. Thanks for posting a comment, I love hearing from you:)

  3. How cool is this to see the painting take shape. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of your process and your amazing creativity.

    You are creating what will be an awesome e diary for Steven as well. He is going to LOVE this when he is old and shares this with his own family.

  4. Thanks Lyds, you're always so supportive. Hopefully Steven will appreciate his artsy Mom:)