Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shipping Process and more work in progress

Hi Everyone,
Here is my work in progress.  watercolor on paper, 6x6
Here is the state of my painting, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to sit down and paint so far this week, but I do make a point to sit down and paint every day.  It's wonderful practice and keeps me sane:)

I thought I would share my shipping process with you today.  I would love feedback and suggestions if you have them.  I have bought some original art and it has come in all sorts of ways to me in the mail, it seems that packaging and shipping is just as individual as painting styles, so just wanted to share my process.
I always mount my works, which are on paper, on to a piece of acid free foam core leaving 1" around the painting.  I use acid free photo mounting corners to secure the picture to the foam core.
I sandwich the painting with another piece of acid free foam core on top.  On the outside of the foam core sandwich I mount my certificate of authenticity with mounting corners.
This is my fun, new toy, an embosser.  I emboss my certificate and envelopes for thank you cards, etc.  I got it from Three Designing Women.
Here is my painting, foam core sandwich.  I secure the sides with tape to ensure it all stays in place.
Wrap the whole thing in bubble pack.
Wrap the whole thing up and make it pretty:)  A little ribbon and my business card. I put the whole thing in  a plastic bag after hearing some horror stories.  I've heard about paintings being impaled during shipping also having liquid things spilled onto them.  I also always put my paintings in a box for additional support.
Include a Thank You card and other postcards.
Artists Bio and additional postcards of my art.  I also include business cards. All made at Vista Print and extremely economical to have printed.

My mailing supply tub.  This makes my life so much easier.  I just grab my tub and everything I need is in it.  I went to Big Lots and stocked up on scissors, tape, envelopes, etc.
My wrapping accessory tub.  I have ribbon, tissue paper, etc in this tub. 
My ATG gun.  This is something if you don't have it you need to add it to your wish list pronto.  I discovered ATG guns while working at my Mom's frame shop.  They are a double sided tape gun used to adhere the paper onto the backs of frames, but they have so many more functions.  I use mine for wrapping gifts, framing, adhering cards and ribbons to my packages.  It's like having a glue gun, so useful!!!  I also have a huge roll of brown craft paper, another must have.  Great for the back of pictures, wrapping gifts, letting the kids draw on, so worth it!!

Sam and the busted chin
His injury hasn't slowed him down any:)  When did he get so big, not a baby anymore:(

And just for fun, here is Sam showing off his war wound!  Hope you have a fabulous week,



  1. Carrie, you new painting will be another beauty!

    I was very interesting in reading about your mailing process. Very nice touches to include a thank-you note, your bio and cards. Your clients are sure to love opening their purchase and finding all these lovely details.

    Sam is such a big boy now! Beautiful eyes! Glad he is doing well.

  2. I just love your embosser and the ribbon you do for an extra touch. A great package!

  3. 1. I love your new WIP. It's looking beautiful!
    2. I love seeing your process for shipping works, your foam core sandwhich idea is a good one. The whole package looks so pretty and professional!
    3. Sam is a big boy and what a cutie!! :)

  4. Thank you so much for showing your shipping details. I am impressed; you've really got it down to a smoothly-running fine art. :) And I love Steven's photos - that T-shirt is so cute.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info. Carrie. The ATG gun is certainly something I hadn't thought of but looks real easy to use. Your presentation of your work to the buyer is so professional and your generosity of adding the extra post cards as a gift is sure to be a pleasant surprise when the painting arrives. Sam looks like he's sporting that injury with boyish pride. He is a sweetie!

  6. Great start to the painting. And thank you so much for sharing your shipping procedures. I just started shipping and really was unclear as to how I should go about it -- keep it strictly business, or go with a "warmer professionalism." I love the way you do it. You've given me the confidence to go with my gut and let the warmth come through. I hope you don't mind that I use a few of your ideas. Great post! :)

  7. What a fantastic post! SO helpful - I really appreciate you sharing! The painting is coming along so quickly! With your family, I have no idea where you find the time!
    And what an adorable little chap - I just want to squeeze those little cheeks :0)

  8. Wow, your organization and professionalism is nothing short of inspirational, thanks for sharing this Carrie!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this info with us...You are so organized ..which makes it so much easier in the long run! Sam is handsome. Enjoy him..they grow up too fast...

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