Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glasgow Abbey

Original watercolor on paper 6 x6  Reserved
This week I'm starting a series of 6 x 6 paintings in preparation for Randy Higbee's 6x6 show.  I plan on painting several and maybe having all of you help me decide which ones to enter.  I think I'll put them to a vote when I'm done.

Today's painting is a 6x6 of an abbey in Glasgow.  I took this picture when we were visiting Scotland.  We were walking through the town and we stumbled on to this abbey.  It was one of those Kodak moments.
Alabama Camelias framed
Pomegranates and Cranberries framed
Brian was on a trip for work last week, so the boys and I packed it up and headed to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my Mom.  We had a great time and conveniently my Mom owns a frame shop, sooooo while we were there I framed some pics.  I framed my entry into the Energen competition in Birmingham and my entry headed for the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art.

Hope you have a great week and check back I should be posting paintings more frequently.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Glasgow Abbey is beautiful- love all the architectural angles. Shadows are wonderful.
    Fun to have framer in family too:)

  2. Very nice! Look forward to seeing the rest of the 6"x6" series.

  3. Love the Abbey - all the lines! Your perspective is spot on!
    Very lucky to have a framer in the family!

  4. Glasgow Abbey wouls be wonderful to see in a painting of yours!

    Come over and join my giveaway of fine art!

    Art by Karena

  5. I love them all. Glasgow work is totally amazing.

    What talent you have Carrie.

  6. This must have been a challenging picture to paint with all those angles, beautifully done.
    How perfect to have a mother with a framing shop! lucky you.

  7. Love the painting of the abbey. I almost feel as if I can wander in it for days! :-)

  8. So beautiful, Carrie...and how convenient that your Mom owns a frame shop. Nice!

  9. I like the abbey's intricate shapes! I'd vote for that one.

  10. I thought I had already made a comment on the lovely painting, the gorgeous frames and the wish for luck! I don't know what happened!!! I think the abbey is different enough - the judge would definitely pay attention!

  11. preciosa y muy bien dibujada.
    un saludo

  12. carrie, this is just stunning! great perspective.

  13. This is amazing! I don't think I'd be brave enough to attempt such a complex structure!
    Your paintings look lovely framed too :0)
    I have also been very busy for the last couple of weeks and haven't had time to paint anything! :0)

  14. This is beautiful!!! All those arches would be a perspective nightmare for me. Glad you had fun in Charleston...such a nice place.

  15. i am always moved to make a spontaneous "oooo" when i visit your blog and this time was no exception! just stunning. you are incredibly gifted and seeing your work is such a wonderful experience. thank you.

  16. You are an amazing artist. I am shocked at how much you get done with young boys. congrats on all your showings!

  17. Definitely a Kodak moment...the arches are gorgeous. You have an amazing grasp of perspective in architecture. It's tough!