Monday, March 10, 2014

Betty's Iris

Hi Everyone,
"Betty's Iris" 7" x 9" watercolor by Carrie Waller
"Betty's Iris" framed
"Betty's Iris" is my latest work.  It's a commission of sorts that my mother-in-law requested for my husband's Grandmother's birthday.  Last year she moved from her home of 60+ years  in Southern Illinois into an assisted living apartment in Baton Rouge, LA.  She is now only 5 minutes from my in-laws and she loves the social part of where she lives now.  She has adjusted well and flourished in her new environment.  The downside to assisted living is that she no longer has her gardens, however an upside to my mother-in-law who had become chief gardner even though she lived 8 hours away.  Irises are her favorite flower and this very iris is from a photo of her iris that I took a few years ago.  I'm so happy a little of her old garden will now be in her new apartment.



  1. This is beautiful! Wow. I find flowers nearly impossible. You handled everything about this, superbly. :)

  2. This GORGEOUS Iris will brighten up her new place...knowing that it was her own flower from her garden will make it even more special... Again, you did such a beautiful job on this!!!

  3. What a fabulous and thoughtful idea! And such a beautiful painting. She must be thrilled! :0)

  4. Your family is so lucky that you can provide the perfect piece of art, thus is really beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, Carrie!

  6. Beautiful one Carrie, and such a lovely idea. I hope she flourishes in her new place.