Monday, October 28, 2013

Work In Progress

Hi Everyone,
work in progress, watercolor 16x20 by Carrie Waller
I'm starting a new painting.  The inspiration for this painting comes from my Grandpa.  I recently acquired a lot of the family pictures and one of the pictures in the box was of my Grandpa on the Indy 500 test track.  My Grandpa passed away when I was 6, but my best memories of him are watching him work on cars at his auto body repair shop.  "Smitty" as everyone called him was the best in the area at doing auto body painting.  So you can imagine what a great experience being at the Indianapolis 500 test track must have been for a guy who's passion was cars.

When I found the photo I knew that I wanted to build a painting around this, so I blew the photo up and placed Hotwheels cars all around the photo.  Painting these cars is really fun, even though the glittery purple truck almost took an entire day, who knew glitter would be so difficult to capture.

I'll be sharing my work in progress pictures with you, and you can always like my fan page, I post pictures as I'm painting throughout the day.

I also was featured on Daniel Smith's page the other day, they did an interview and everything:))



  1. Carrie this is so special. Wow, I actually thought those were toy cars you had photographed and not your painting. I should have known better!

  2. Well, Carrie...I have to admit that these were real Hot Wheels that you placed around your painting in progress too. Amazing.

  3. This looks so much like there are actual toys sitting on the paper!!! It is THAT 3D!!!!! Incredible isn't nearly the word to describe how good this is. Genius!! I'm off to check out the feature :0)

  4. This is going to be amazing as always Carrie :) I cant wait to see the finished product