Monday, August 5, 2013

A different kind of painting

Hi Everyone,

Master Bedroom
I have completed a commissioned piece since I last posted but I'm not allowed to share it with you yet:( 
So I thought I would share my weekend project.  I was painting this weekend just not on paper.  

We recently moved into this house and we'll only be here for a year so I didn't change the wall colors.  I wanted to lighten this green wall color up so I have white bedding and I wanted to add white lamps without spending  fortune.

So I visited Goodwill and found these 2 beauties for $5 each.  Bought a can of spray paint and voila, new lamps:)

I stopped in at Hancock Fabric store and they had the blue and white lampshade that I thought would be perfect but they only had one, but they were 50% off so I rummaged through their shelves and found the same pattern but in orange.  I came home and pulled out my acrylics and changed the color.

For around $30 I have 2 new lamps and I think they look great in the room.   I now have a hand painted lampshade which would cost big $$ if you were to purchase from a designer store.  The picture in the middle is a beach scene from Ireland that we had blown up.  And of course I have some ball jars with sand and candles.

Thought I would also share some studio pictures with you.  This is my new painting area.  I just love the huge windows.

I hope you have a great week!  Happy Painting!



  1. You are so clever!!! Love the lamps and love your great studio space!!! Thanks for sharing your home and clever ideas!

  2. Great ideas, Carrie, and the rooms are beautiful!

  3. It must be a nightmare to have to move so often! Where and when do you think you will settle? How about Heathfield UK, so I can come to a workshop, lol! ;0)
    It's amazing how you have managed to put your own stamp on the place so quickly. You are so creative! It looks beautiful :0)

  4. You never would have found those lamps without me. You're welcome.

  5. Beautiful spaces! I love the colors in your home. And I love the idea of repurposing stuff...I have a few pieces like that around my house and treasure them...I tend to get pretty attached to the stuff I have "beautified" as opposed to just purchased already beautiful.

  6. They work great! I love it that we do not always have to be creative by painting paintings, but by also beautifying our homes :)

    Your master bedroom looks great!

  7. Such talent! Simply beautiful Carrie.

  8. Love your lamps! You are so creative. And your painting area is wonderful space. Thanks for sharing such ideas with photos of your lovely home!

  9. Do you already know where you are going in a year, Carrie? Other than when we went overseas and we knew for how long, we never really knew where or when we would get orders. At least not that I can remember. Can believe you were able to change that orange lamp shade as you have! Your house looks gorgeous!