Monday, July 1, 2013

Sold It and a Feature

"Blue Skies" SOLD

It's always a good day when the gallery calls and says a painting has sold!  So happy to have a new collector:)

I actually put brush to paper this weekend but have not yet completed my latest painting.  So much to do and the days and weeks are just flying by.   I hope you are getting more painting time in than I am, aaaghhh!!



  1. Congratulations all the way around Carrie!

  2. Carrie, congratulations on your sale! And thank you again letting me interview you. It was so much fun chatting with you.

  3. The answer to that is no - I have got little done and what time I have had has been spent on the bear, so my poor blog is a little static for a while!
    Anyway - congratulations on the sale!! That's great news! This series is my favourite. i love those bright colours :0) I'm off to read the interview now!