Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainbow Bottles #3

Needs a title, help 6"x9" watercolor by Carrie Waller
My 3rd in the Rainbow bottle series.  I have come up with titles for the first two.  This one still needs some help.  I'm trying for something that goes along with places and colors.  Rainbow Row (Charleston) and Blueberry Hill,  My Blue Heaven.  So for this one do you have any ideas?

I have 2 more small paintings to finish by Thursday, wish me luck:)  Local Colour's spring show, Spring into Art is on Thursday May 9th 5:30-7:30, so if you're in the Little Rock Ar area stop by.  5811 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR
"Rainbow Row" 17 x 35 watercolor by Carrie Waller
" My Blue Heaven" 6"x9" watercolor by Carrie Waller

"Blueberry Hill" 6" x9" watercolor by Carrie Waller
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  1. Well, there are the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. Just a thought and the only thing I could think of in your line of thought on naming these gorgeous paintings! Looks awesome so far, Carrie!

  2. In the words of Woody, "Reach fer the sky!"

  3. Good heavens Carrie -- these are amazing! :) Love this series and congrats on the show - how exciting. It's nerve-wracking having deadlines, but also invigorating. As for a title . . . "Strawberry Fields" is what struck me immediately. Good luck with your due dates and the exhibit -- I'm sure all will go perfectly!

  4. This series of paintings is just SO beautiful Carrie. You must be so proud of them! And they look stunning together. I wish I could help with a title but I don't have a clue either! Good luck :0)