Monday, December 17, 2012


"Kugels" 6x6 original watercolor on 260lb Arches by Carrie Waller
Hi Everyone,

Here is my newest painting "Kugels" 6x6.  When Brian and I were living in Germany I started collecting kugesl.  Kugels is the German word for ball or sphere and are the ancestors to the traditional glass Christmas ornament.  They're blown, thick, glass with many colors.  The colors aren't painted but melted into the batch of molten glass.  They are beautiful and I absolutely love them. 

I like this painting because it can be out year long, it's abstract and colorful enough to not be classified as a Christmas painting.

I will have a Friday feature up this week.  Last week I was running behind and was going to post it when I got home from dropping kids off at school and running a few errands.  By that time I had heard the news from Connecticut, and it just had me reeling.  I pray for the families of the victims today and I pray for all those Mom's and Dad's that had to make a brave journey to school today to drop off their precious cargo.  I held it together until I saw the flag at half staff.  Christmas break can't get here soon enough.




  1. Your kugels are wonderful, Carrie! Love them!!!

  2. Love the Kugels, Carrie. Yes I agree the tragedy in CT is on all our minds and our hearts go out to the families. I was however less than impressed with our President's speech at the memorial ceremony when he ended with the reading of the names of the deceased and said "thank you" and not "you have my and our country's heart felt sympathy." That was not the place to air the country's shortcomings. I wonder how many will agree with me on this issue.

  3. This painting is absolutely beautiful, Carrie!!!! and Hug your precious little ones tighter !! the news from Connecticut has me so upset and its hard to think of anything else.!

  4. Carrie, thank you for introducing me to Kugels. They're beautiful as is your wonderful painting. I agree...they're wonderful to see in a painting any time of year.
    Like everyone I was devestatingly saddened by the news from Newtown, CT. I taught Grades 1-3 for thirty years, and the thought of the loss is just crushing. Saw my two and four year old grandsons yesterday and more hugs and kisses than normal took place.

  5. Oh Carrie, I wake up nightly and think about these babies and their families. No way to make this right. No way to restore their innocence and sense of safety. I'm devastated.

    I did want to congratulate you on your being the featured artist today in Informed Collector. Your paintings are beautiful as are you.
    Hug your little one for me.

  6. I didn't know that's what they're called - Over here they are called 'Friendship Balls'. I have one hanging in my living room in front of the window. I love it :0)
    Wow - what an intricate and beautiful painting! You must have so much patience! :0)

  7. They are really beautiful and I can imagine how it could decorate a house and add holiday atmosphere, and still stands on its own as a piece of beautiful art work after the holiday season! I see it is already sold -- not surprising at all! It's so unique and also exquisitely executed!